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  1. i'm kind of shocked they actually fired Lavi this early on. i knew we were struggling but i wouldn't put the blame on him.
  2. touche....i agree, there's no reason to really let him go, he's one of the best in the league now and i think we have our team in a good place and maybe we won't have any key injuries like last season.
  3. NC State has the potential to go to a bowl game. The question then turns to our execution...particularly at the quarterback position. We have a bright spot i.e. Russel Wilson, who is now injured for the second time this season. And then we go to Harrison Beck, who has his moments more bad than good but he can throw the ball over the cornfield on a regular basis. Then we move to the ever beloved Daniel Evans, who is continually booed everytime he touches the ball. He's scared to stand in the pocket as a Senior QB he can't throw the ball more than 25 yds. and he cannot manage the game well. Unless we have some major gameplan for BC I think it's going to come down to Andre Brown and Jamelle Eugene running the ball effectively which they have been doing recently. The rest of the season we play Top 25 teams and we need 4 more wins to make a bowl game. It can happen with 2 of out games against Duke and UNC (both away) we might have a shot if we can pull off some upsets. But next year...the red shirt won't matter and Glennon will get to start with a fresh new crop of WRs. It'll be interesting but then again it's NC State football.
  4. Why is Laviolette on the hot seat? I mean granted we finished a couple of points out of a playoff spot last year but, I don't think the hot seat is necessarily a fair thing.
  5. That's hilarious...and awesome all at the same time.
  6. I was really hoping that he was going to be a cane this year. Good luck 92
  7. I don't think anyone should wear the "C". Just have it blank. Have the two alternates and leave it vacated and maybe, add another Alternate?...*cough*COLE*cough*. That's just me though.
  8. I think this guy fails to mention that we have the record for the loudest stadium in professional sports, with something like 130+ dB during the cup finals. I think that is good enough to be mentioned. And besides everyone knows that Krispy Kreme is better than poutine.
  9. I really just want the patch....i don't care for the white stripe too much but it doesn't completely ruin the jersey. so if i can get that patch....i'll be happy.
  10. I'm glad we won the cup last year. It was great, winning the first Cup under the new format. When we missed the playoffs this past year, I was disappointed. Everyone was....it was a rough year. We lost some keys guys at the beginning of the year, and we were not the same team as the previous year. Granted we missed the playoffs but we made a good run at it and we came up a little bit short. Everyone can come up with the "what if?" questions regarding our personnel but the fact is, we did not play to our full potential this year. We were a "grind it out" kind of team all year long and that was fun to watch. I'm happy for Anaheim, and I'm glad that Ottawa made the finals as well. It was very nice to see them beat Buffalo in Buffalo, in OT. It was kind of cool to see....but overall, the Hurricanes, could have done much better. One thing remains, we will always have that banner hanging in the stadium and those names will be on the cup for 52 years, and then in HoF forever.
  11. congrats to Brindy....2 years in a row is a big accomplishment. he definitely is making himself known as a force on both ends of the ice.
  12. This is a prime example of why they play 3 periods...for comebacks like these, and the Devils' game last year.
  13. Maybe pillow fighting is harder than it seems. I love the rules posted on the website though... 7. Loading a pillow with a foreign object such as a brick is strictly forbidden.* (has this been a problem in the past??) This all came about because some guy thought it would be cool to get girls to willingly have a pillow fight. But it's still funny...
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