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  1. I got it from a guy who posted it for sale on the board here a few months ago. I've only seen 2 others on Ebay and they went for $450+. I lucked out with this once since it was given to a bar that never officially opened, so it had less than 6 hours of use on it. Before I got it I had asked several bar/restaurant owners if they would sell me one hanging on their wall. No one ever wanted to because they were concerned it would upset their distributor. I had a friend who knew a distributor and he said there were only a few hundred produced and they were all given to different establishments. Even he couldn't get one for me, so I couldn't pass up the chance to get this one.
  2. I don't have enough file space to post the other picture even after a resize, but on the other wall: * Wayne Gretzky Oilers jersey circa 1988 * Stanley Cup poster signed by all members of the 2006 Stanley Cup Champion Hurricanes * Wayne Gretzky Kings jersey circa 1993 (25th anniversary of Kings) I'll try to post the photo another time. I have a bunch of other memorabilia, but I just don't have anymore room to put it! This was a great idea for a topic, I've enjoyed looking at everyone's shrines. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Here's a shot of my Hurricanes wall and a guide to what's in the picture: On the wall, left to right: * Ticket stub from Game 7 in frame, the frame is from "That's My Ticket" on the web * Panoramic print of Game 7 with about 3 seconds left (I can pick us out of the crowd!) * Autographed Wayne Gretzky Easton stick circa 1991 * #42 of 2006 Upper Deck Rod Brind'Amour photo Leaning up against the wall, left to right: * Signed Irbe photo * NHL 08 w/ Staal cover * Photo of me with the Cup at the Caniac Carnival in 2006 * Framed photo with postmark dated June 19, 2006 from "Stanley Cup Station" (bought @ the post office) * Signed Erik Cole card * Framed photo of Cup, Stanley Cup patch (that needs to be re-glued), and piece of net from Game 7. #1311 (nice number Whitney/Williams) of 2500. This was part of the Hurricanes Scratch-Off Lottery prize pack. * Signed Ray Whitney (#1500 of 2600) pre-rookie card from Classic Draft Picks * Card and Coin from 2002 Cup Finals * Stanley Cup Champs Neon Sign On the bookcase, left to right: * In the case, official pucks from the winning games of the 2006 finals (Game 1, 2, 4 and 7) * Hurricanes logo photo album with pictures I took from the 2006 Cup run/parade/etc. * "Slice of the Ice" signed by Rod Brind'Amour, water inside was ice from Game 7 * 2006 Cup Finals collector puck (Oilers vs. Canes) * The Hockey News, July 2006 signed by Rod Brind'Amour * "Whatever It Takes" photo book from the N&O * Miscellaneous pucks: Atlanta 2008 All-Star Game official puck, Game 3 and 4 pucks from 2002 Finals * Wayne Gretzky coin, first day as head coach of the Coyotes (under the neon sign) I also have a photo of the other wall I will post separately.
  4. It appears to have a good number of prospects. A large number of the AHL players have photos in there as well (if they've had one taken with an NHL club). Played one game with Albany last night, and I remember Carson and Petruzalek in there, along with Bayda, Aucoin, Boulerice, etc. As someone else mentioned, Tanabe is down there along with Babchuk.
  5. Happy Birthday from the Triad to my good friend in Charlotte!
  6. NHL 07 for the PC on the hardest difficulty setting is no challenge at all, which is disappointing. I had six 200 point scorers for the Canes, and four 100 goal scorers in a full season. I think the top 12 point totals in the league were Canes. It's still easy to win using Japan in this game. But...I just got a Xbox 360 and picked up NHL 2K7, because I heard it was great. I've only played a game or two as I get used to the controls, but it seems like it will be a much better challenge. For once the console version is deeper than the PC version. I liked that 2K7 makes you hire coaches first thing in franchise mode. I hoping for some exciting (and close) games with this one.
  7. I was born in Kernersville and taught myself to skate and play while in high school. I still play in two different leagues here in the Triad. Our game tonight will wrap up a stretch of four games in three days. I've been playing for 16 years and love every minute of it. I prefer center, but I do play the off wing from time to time. It's great exercise and a whole lot of fun.
  8. There was an article in mid-December in the Greensboro News & Record that former NHLer Tim Kerr was trying to get a team moved to Greensboro for the 07-08 season. Something was supposed to happen in a month...but still no news. You can find the article by searching on news-record.com.
  9. I think you can only use a composite (red/white/yellow) connection, or an S-video (looks like a computer mouse connection) for recording to another source. USB and component connections can transfer HD content, and are copy protected - which sometimes causes problems with transfers.
  10. I have the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD. Your best best is to hook up a VCR or DVD recorder to archive recordings on the DVR. However, it will downconvert any HD broadcast into standard def. You can do this in the menu when viewing your recorded list. One of the options is "Copy to VCR". It works for either a DVD or a VCR that is connected to the box. You can't transfer the HD content because of copy protection. There are apparently ways to copy the info to a computer, convert it and burn it to a DVD, but that's pretty complex. If you're adventurous and want to try it, you can find info by searching a home theater forum like avsforum.com. BTW, you can also increase your storage space by purchasing an add-on hard drive to the box. If anyone wants to know where you can find one, PM me. I would love to somehow copy my HD versions of all the Canes finals wins, plus Game 7 against Buffalo and opening night onto a new HD-DVD or Blu-ray disc easily, but that's not gonna happen. I'm hoping the hard drive in the unit will hold up until that happens.
  11. Thought I might bring this back to the forefront again since there's a lot of talk of making some changes after all the blueline injuries and the recent play. I'm not sure one way or the other if Leetch would be worth it, but he's available, the Canes have some cap space and they wouldn't have to part with anyone. He and Jason Allison are the only significant free agents left waiting for a phone call. Actually, The Hockey News has an article on Allison today. Any thoughts?
  12. I grew up here and taught myself to skate and play. There have been minor league teams around since 1959, so there are rinks around, but more have appeared since the Canes came to NC. There have been various minor league teams in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh, Fayetteville and Asheville. I play in two adult leagues, one in Winston, one in Greensboro. There are A, B and C divisions in each. The Winston league has been around for over 25 years. There are a lot of "northern imports" that are talented players, but those of us over 30 who grew up here can't compete as well against those who grew up playing on a pond (something I've never done but would love to try). I'd guess there are about 300+ adult league players between the Winston league and the Greensboro league. The Icehouse has several locations in NC, and they all have youth programs, pickup, learn to play and stick & puck. They have a website at www.icehouserinks.com and you can see the various stats & standings for the adult leagues on their site. There is a rink and adult league in Wilmington, NC, just 10 minutes from the beach. Last I heard, the USA Hockey registrations keep increasing in NC at a good pace, so it is definitely growing, which is great to see!
  13. The PC version isn't that great, it's more like NHL 06 1/2. Scoring is easier on the hardest level than it was in 06! I've lost one out of 44 games with the Canes and have six 100 point scorers already. Average score is about 16-6. It's fun, but not realistic at all. You have to heavily mod the game from sites on the net like doubleminor.net to make it interesting. I heard the 360 version is great though, and I would love to see it. I wish places like Blockbuster would let you rent 360's for a weekend. I want to see 07 in HD with surround sound on my 50" tv!
  14. I don't think it's strange at all either. I grew up in NC, but when I first found out about hockey while in middle school in 1982 I heard about a man named Gretzky. I was interested in his accomplishments and success, so I followed the Oilers. I watched him when he was with the Kings, the Blues and the Rangers. I was more a fan of the Great One than the team he was on, but I always wanted to see him win. I wish him luck and success in Phoenix, because it looks like he's got a tough road in front of him. I was so impressed by the sport that I taught myself to play and volunteered as an intern for the local minor league team. I even worked in PR for a couple of minor pro teams and leagues after graduating college before moving back to NC. When the Hurricanes came to town, they were instantly my favorite team because they were our team. Strangely enough, Gretzky had a huge hand in bringing hockey here when he was traded to the Kings. And it was a little odd to see the Canes play the team that first piqued my interest in hockey and beat them for the Cup. But it was my sports dream come true and I'll remember every second of it.
  15. I'll take a swing at this one... 1. Sabres 2. Red Wings 3. Devils 4. Penguins 5. Stars
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