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  1. Erik Cole's an alien too!! I mean...I hope they can get this fixed soon!
  2. I don't mind when he does the splits either :wink:
  3. I have liked what I've seen from John Grahame lately and I am excited that he now has the chance to step up and show us what he's capable of. Just to reiterate what many have already said not only in this thread but several others, the majority of games that Grahame has been in this season, the rest of the guys played like utter crap in front of him. No goalie is perfect. Some nights they may not let in any goals, some nights they may let in 5. It happens to all of them, no matter how good they are. Lately though, I think he's been tearing it up in the net and he's saved our butts quite a few times. Furthurmore, he gets a chance to play a couple of times every 2 or 3 weeks. No one is going to be spectacular if they get such limited playing time. Don't get me wrong, I think Cam Ward is great, but I think Grahame is pretty great too and he's gotten a bad rap that he doesn't really deserve.
  4. I agree. I think the Canes were pretty darn good today and the Rangers got lucky. Now we just have to keep the faith in John Grahame!
  5. no way, the PACK IS GONNA BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. no way, the PACK IS GONNA BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. sticking with the "those boys love their subs" theme...i saw a whole gaggle of them at the quizno's on edwards mill before the season started...andrew ladd was the main one that stood out for me however, i was too chicken to say anything to any of them!
  8. There are always going to be negative nancies no matter where you go. And if you choose to look at the situation as the glass is half empty, then so be it, but DON'T RAIN ON OUR PARADE! I think this thread is great and its such a morale booster. I wish that everyone that was going to the game tonight had a chance to read it so that they could get pumped up. I know its not the fans' responsibility to jazz the guys up so that they can get into the game and pull out a win, but at this point in time, it sure doesn't hurt anything. I won't be there tonight, but I sure as heck wish I was, so you guys be sure to yell for me too!
  9. It's definitely not over yet. I understand that others are concerned but a lot can happen in 16 games. I just hope that they stop playing as individuals and come together as a team. And for the rest of the season, I think they need to just go out on the ice and have fun, and quit trying so hard! I still think these guys are amazing, no matter what! :wink:
  10. This isn't a top 5 thing that happens at every game, but it drove me crazy nonetheless... It was the night that we played Tampa Bay back in January on a Saturday, and this guy in my section kept yelling "Let's go Rangers!" and kept telling everyone else around us how he used to be a STH for the Rangers. Then everytime there was a stoppage in play for commercial breaks, he would yell "drop the puck! drop the puck! I don't care about the commercials, I'm not watching it on tv". Too make matter worse, he was really loud and he had a voice that sounded like Clark Griswold's boss on Christmas Vacation.
  11. I was wondering if anyone was going to take back things they've said about Grahame in the past :wink:
  12. Yes he did! I'm glad he finally got the chance to show us what he's capable of. Hopefully it wasn't just a one-time thing
  13. Am I the only one who would like to see Crackers in goal tonight? be easy...don't bash me too much! :wink:
  14. Anything interesting happen at practice today?
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