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  1. Good luck Brandon. You play hockey the right way. I wish you the best in Pitt.
  2. I watched Corvo in Boston and he was putrid. I hope he is better than here (I live in the Boston area) I just hope for a steady season and do not expect too much out of him. Just not too many giveaways and pinch ins Joe. Good luck and Go Canes.
  3. Most likely not. Have a busy weekend. It was so much for the stepchild of Boston sports teams and the most likeable to me (sox as well) to win a Championship. They will forever have respect around here now. Its not all Pats and Sox anymore.
  4. What a game and an effort by Thomas yet again. This was almost as much fun as 06 for me(almost) I love the way Marchand plays, He is a pest with some skill. Also Bergeron is like a Rod Brindamor type (not as good offensively) but an all around player. Great work. Congrats Boston. bTW where whas this Seidenberg when he played for the Canes. He has grown as a defenseman and gotten much better in his career. Congrats to him and Recchi as well. Our former Canes. and Rember Luongo dont leave the paint on Bergerons breakaway lol
  5. Did Luongo stay in the "paint" until getting pulled. You should rembember Roberto if you spit up in might hit you in the face. What a moron. I hope he gets lit like a tree in Game 7. Go Bruins
  6. Did you hear Luongos quotes on the Lapierre goal. He said that he would have had it and it was an easy save if you do not leave the paint. What a moron. The guy who gave up 12 goals in 2 games in Boston criticizes the goalie who has given up 6 goals in 5 games. Here is the Quote: Luongo watched it all from the other end of the ice. and the article Bruins Defend Thomas after Luongo Swipe http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=Agc_up_dxMKDeP6P5an1khh7vLYF?slug=ap-defendingthomas “It’s not hard (to stop) if you’re playing in the paint,” he said. “It’s an easy save for me, but if you’re wandering out, that’s going to happen.” He should worry that he does not melt down again in Boston like Games 3 and 4. I just hope he sucks like he did in those games. Really, you are playing for the Cup, worry about yourself. Its not like he is Pat Roy, Marty Brodeur or Ken Dryden. He has won squat in his career and is known to melt under pressure.
  7. I never realized how good Dennis Seidenberg was. He was decent as a Cane but has seemed to raise his game to a new level. I have been impressed. Maybe playing with Chara helps but he has easily been the Bruins best defenseman the whole playoffs. I just hope the Bruins win the Cup for my Dad and a few others in Boston that are good fans. Please dont buy into all the Bruins fans are bad because they are not. They are NOT the same as the pink hat Red Sox and Pats fans who are Johnny come lately's. Most hockey fans here know and love the game and deserve a Cup. Just my 2 cents not that anyone cares lol.
  8. This is easily Eric Staal. This team cant score consistently and he creates the most for us. I would say that the close 2nd is Ward. Without Ward we are with the Oilers in the league. I just hope these two along with are other players that have been slumping, get on a tear for the last 11 games.
  9. I would much rather Cam Ward than God forbid Crackers or even Legace. He has been decent. I like him and think he is a top 10 goalie. We have other problems (faceoffs and consistent scoring) that we need to fix IMO I am okay with 4-3 with what we have been through with the zombie trip.
  10. [quote name='ivyleager wrote: captain_jack88']I've got Hawks in 5. I think the Flyers will win game 3 or 4, but all in all I think it ends w/ Toews lifting the Cup in front of the hometown fans. And I agree with UNCCanic, I'm glad we got new blood for this series. And seriously? VERSUS for games 3 and 4, again? I'm pretty angry with that because where I'll be on the 2nd and 4th they don't carry VERSUS. Please NHL just put them all on NBC. No, then we'll have to suffer through Pierre McGuire and the other idiots during intermission. God, they are AWFUL. Versus does a much better job. I also think that NBC puts the microphones in the crowd and can hardly hear the announcers talk. I like Emerick but was comparing this game vs a game that was on NHL Network from 06 (The Canes vs Buffalo game 7 ECF) and the quality of the game from 06 was much easier to hear than this game. Am I missing something? I dont have a High DEf TV as I am poor but want to hear the game clearly. Great fans here please elaborate if you could
  11. [quote name='Hoyle00cdn wrote: fkelly'] To the Hab fan above, Leighton isnt Patrick Roy but he's proved he's NHL caliber. What that means for his future who knows but I doubt he'll be playing in the AHL ever again. No sure if I agree with you there. Leighton's playoff stats this year are very misleading. Majority of his saves are on the first shot. The major contrast between AHL and NHL goalies is rebound control. Leighton has really horrible rebound control. If Leighton starts in Game 3 take a moment to pay attention at how many juicy rebounds the guy gives up. Luckily the Flyers have one of the most physical defensive squads in the league so they've been able to out muscles opposing forwards infront of their own net. It worked against the "tiny" habs but I don't think it will against chicago. Great post and agreed Hoyle. His rebound control is putrid. He is a serviceable NHL goalie. He is benefitting from a very physical defense that blocks a ton of shots. I think Boucher is just as good and could play again in this series.
  12. I hope he is 75% of his brothers and we would have a solid NHLer for years to come.
  13. I hope Peters gets a chance as he proved he was decent in limited duty last year. I would like him to play 25-27 games for us.
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