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  1. I agree completely with this. I almost called in to the show on the NHL channel on Sirius/XM with Gary Bettman today to ask him about it. It is completely disrespectful. For those that say it is not a big deal would you think it was a big deal if a pitcher started warming up at a baseball game during the National Anthem? It is basically the same thing. I also would be curious to hear from people who have been to games in Canada. Do players do the same thing at the end of O Canada? How can you send an email to the Commissioner? I didn't really see anything on nhl.com
  2. Thanks. Added to Outlook and synced to my Blackberry! It worked great.
  3. The 4th period is reporting that the Canes are shopping Kaberle http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/car080703.html
  4. its on WRAL - http://www.wral.com/sports/999thefan/story/3140880/
  5. The stack of 1st and 2nd round playoff tickets wasting away on my kitchen counter.
  6. Did anyone else find it interesting that Jeff O'Neil was at the game last night? Am I reading too much into it? Was he just here to enjoy a game of hockey?
  7. I have a couple of words for all of you people complaining... It is called supply and demand. There were a limited number of these made therefore there will be a demand for them. If the person was able to get all 4 of them then power to them for selling them for whatever they want. I also have to agree with others who said that you will have better luck on Ebay or Craigslist because here everyone is going to think you should just be giving them away for free.
  8. I'm not even sure I understand what the point of this post is? So when Buffalo fans talk about how they could come down here and buy tickets for the Eastern Conference Finals we are supposed to say "yea but the Hurricanes sell more tickets than college basketball games!"???
  9. I agree the hit was bad but at least he has the decency to say that he expects to be suspended and that he was sorry for the hit. I think emotions just got the worst of him at the time and he was trying to do what he does best, start a fight. There are plenty of other guys out there who wouldn't say a word after something like that but at least he owned up to it and takes some responsibility even before the suspension is handed down.
  10. Horrible, I could barely listen. It took everything I had not to call in while I was sitting in traffic to ask him for a traffic report....
  11. I guess it takes as much qualification as it does to tell you where cars are on the roads. I can't stand this guy. He may be a great guy in person but is the most annoying person I have ever seen on TV. I actually like WRAL's news but don't watch it because of him.
  12. Boulerice isn't even close to the best fighter they have had. Although I give it to him he does have heart and will jump right in there. Just do a search on youtube for Boulerice and watch how many videos he gets his *edit* handed to him.
  13. Anyone heard anything on Peca? Thefourthperiod is reporting Carolina as one of the teams interested in him.
  14. No HD feed tonight. I called HDnet - this is one of their actual broadcasts not one of the FSN just being broadcast on their channel. We are in the blackout area in Raleigh. They did say it would be rebroadcast though in 1 1/2 hours
  15. Just called Time Warner and they said they just show whatever is coming from HDNet, so I called HDNet. Someone is checking into it and is supposed to call me back. He thought we may be in the blackout zone. Which didn't make sense to me.
  16. Do what now :?: According to the announcers, we had the most icings in a penalty kill in NHL history. hahaha. You are not looking to buy a bridge in New York are you? :mrgreen: Hahaha - I knew when I did a refesh and read all these posts someone would be happy that we set the new "record" :roll:
  17. Did they even mention anything about him? I didn't hear anything. Yea, they said something about the canes needing help on defense and then were like "and they went out and got Seidenberg?" something like that. Basically saying it was a bad move.
  18. Anyone see who is wearing the "A"'s with Adams gone and Wesley out?
  19. Having spent a good bit of last season working concessions for the Leesville Road HS Band I can offer you this advice: Go to one of the beer carts that's out on the concourse if you want something before the game. The kegs for those are housed in the cart itself so they're not tied into the central draft system. The "permanent" stands are served from a centralized draft system so even if you're purging the taps liberally before you open (which you should be doing) you might not completely purge the line. Especially if you're working in one of the upper level stands. Once the game starts and they've been serving for a while things get cleared out completely and should be fine. Another option is to go to one of the stands/carts that sells bottled beer. You'll pay more for it, but it's a larger size (22oz vs 16oz I think) and pretty much always skunk-free since it's not on tap. I'm not saying that the central draft lines shouldn't be purged between events, just offering this as an option for you until the situation is rectified to your satisfaction. What would probably be the ideal solution for everyone would be to sell all of the beer in the unbreakable plastic bottles. The unit cost would be higher, but there's no overhead for the cups, better inventory control and zero waste. The way things work right now (or did last year anyway), the "inventory" for beer sales (and last year for soda sales too) was done by counting the cups before and after the shift. Strange way to do it if you ask me, but there really isn't a better way with the setup as it is. This year all of the stands I've been to are selling sodas in 20oz bottles. I'm assuming that this is the way it's being done in all stands, but I can't confirm that. I further assume that the idea was to determine the cost-effectiveness of selling package drinks vs. fountain drinks and that the next step might be to explore the idea of selling package beer too. (Or it's possible they just went to bottled sodas to control employee consumption since employees got all the soda they wanted for free in years past.) It's also possible that maintenance on the post-mix system became problematic so they opted for another solution. Since my son graduated last year I'm not working there any more, so I'm out of that loop. Yea, this is what I started doing - going to the small carts early in the game. It is just frustrating that people know this is a problem but they continue to sell the beer like there is nothing wrong. I don't fault the people working the stands at all. I know they are just there raising funds for their organization.
  20. Fix the problem with serving bad beer at the beginnings of games. The kegs sit in the basement and the lines need to be cleaned between games. Almost every time I get a beer before the game starts from one of the main concessions it is bad. The worst part is that the people serving it know that because they arent surprised when you ask for your money back.
  21. okay, thanks darlin' You don't need to call your ISP. Just go get one of these: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1051384663529 Also this is assuming you are on some type of high speed connection (Cable, DSL) not dial up.
  22. By far the best notebooks out there are Thinkpads by Lenovo. Since Lenovo is a major sponser of the Hurricanes they had offered a deal to let fans purchase laptops with a pretty big discount (20% or so). There was a link on the main page of the Canes website but I cant find it anymore. As for a router - i would go with a Linksys
  23. I don't think the fact that we were playing Buffalo had anything to do with the attendance other than helping us by adding those 3,000-4,000 sabres fans in the arena. After winning the Stanley Cup there is no excuse for every game not being sold out or close to it for the rest of the season. I don't care if it was Monday night football and the Panthers were playing. The Avalanche sold out games for 487 consecutive games! That is 11 years! Don't you think that the Broncos played on some of those days and they are in the same city! The bottom line is the team did their part last year by bringing the Stanley Cup to Raleigh. It is now time for the fans to do theirs and by letting the RBC Center get as loud as it was last night with Buffalo cheers we are not even close.
  24. I am not reading through all of these pages but I just got back from the game. I can't even express how disappointing it is to go to the arena playing the best team in the East with the rivalry from last year to find "officially" only 14,000 fans there with probably 3,000 of them Buffalo fans. Completely unacceptable. The Canes did their part last year now it is time for the fans to step up!
  25. I have been on Tanabe since game 1. This was a horrible pick up by JR. He can't skate, he cant handle the puck and please dont put him on the point during the PP. I dont understand why Hutch isnt getting Tanabe's ice time. I asked this question in another thread. Could they just send him to Albany or would he have to clear waivers?
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