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  1. Last night after the E to Semin shorty attempt, my daughter asks "What would have happened if we scored that?" I thought she was asking about the power play going away so I launched into a huge explanation of why it expires for the PP team but not the PK team. She says, "No Mom. What do we get if they score a shorty?" She's assuming there is some sort of food tied to every possible novelty...and maybe there should be! Haha! Seems like a marketing opportunity missed out on. What would be the perfect product to tie to a short-handed goal?
  2. Question 3: How many times will we see the pillow-fight commercial footage? My guess: 37,829 times I hope I win this if I strike out in the Opening Night contest!
  3. On my way to dinner tonight, overheard the guys on the Fan talking about a special, maybe 24-hour airing, of Canes games. Anybody have any additional info? I was so busy trying not to rear-end the car in front of me that was clearly freaking out at the mere mention of snow! Thanks all.
  4. 1) Who scores the first goal of the season?J. Staal 2) Who scores the first assist (primary assist only if there are 2)?Skinner 3) Who takes the first penalty of the season? Larose 4) What will that penalty be for? Hooking 5) Who scores the first PP goal? Faulk 6) Who has the first fighting major of the season? Westgarth 1) What will the Canes record be on and including Feb 12th? 6-4-2 2) How many games will our back up goalie have played by and including Feb 12th? One
  5. As the boys are continuing to roll into town, I am wondering if there is a list somewhere of which ones are on twitter. I have a memory of seeing one once but couldn't find it today when I looked around.
  6. I'd be scared to sign him too but getting him off of a division foe is not without merit. If I get to cheer instead of seethe when he lifts a zero-angle backhand over a goalie's shoulder for the seventeenth time in a game, I'd be willing to chip in a bit towards the $7.5 million!
  7. Or, on a more positive note, Stiller could put up a Corvo-esque hatty against the team that traded him. I will be there so i vote for my option!
  8. Hi all! Somehow I missed that 10/1 is a teacher workday. I'd love to take the kids if anyone has an extra 4 tickets. red
  9. i saw the Juice at the DMV in Cary. They gave him a hard time about us documentation. He looked so sad...I wanted to give him a hug1
  10. well, a whitney just got traded but not the one we expected.
  11. I would like to take this with me everywhere I go for the next two weeks. Or forever...you know...either one!
  12. [quote name='caniac-97 wrote: legend-1 wrote: super-dave-1'] I'm still a little surprized that somebody somewhere hasn't picked up Lavi. Of course Lavi may be content to draw his check from PK until the end since he was spoken of so well after his departure. I don't think PK and JR ever got over Lavi not showing up for the end of year meeting after the Florida loss on the last game of the year. My only guess is the nature of Lavi's game is so wreckless no GM want's to buy into a all offensive style they want some responsibility on the backend and that's not Lavi's idea. However, I would rather be a .500 team on the cusp of the playoffs each year which is what we were then flat out NOT even close. I would rather play hard and just miss than to never even being in the game. On a game-by-game level, I agree. I can accept a loss if they play hard. But from a whole-season viewpoint, just missing stinks royally. If we will never have the budget to sign monster free agents in the primes of their careers, we need to draft them in young and suck them in to our cushy NC lifestyle before they become FAs themselves. Then maybe we get the hometown, no driveway-shoveling, great golf discount. If we are going to miss the playoffs, occasionally I want us to miss HUGE!
  13. Super Dave wrote:Forget the idea about monkeying with the points awarded for the first couple of games. Those games aren't worth more than any other games. But haven't we already missed the playoffs because of the three-point game? I am not at all for the 5 point game. I do think the first game should be worth as much as the last. But I am really annoyed by the fact that we have a system where every game could be worth two or three depending. I know that there is always a "it'll never happen"contingent about making all games three points but I've never understood why the current plan is more fair. I haven't seen it make teams play for the win instead of a tie. It just makes teams play for a tie instead of a loss. And that is irritating. The two teams might as well just stand on their respective goal lines and pass the puck back and forth for the last five minutes of a tie game. Nobody goes for broke; they just shut it down to get the point and go to OT. Jussi showed what can happen when the motivation is right. That was exciting hockey. Sorry to go on a 3-pt game tangent but when comments refuting the OP say things like games should all be worth the same # of points, I get wound up...since they aren't now.
  14. [quote name='super-dave-1 wrote: dogbutler'] Star Trek shields sound great, until we have a warp core breach, and the whole area goes KABOOM! Our new motto could be "Resistance is futile". Worf could be on defense. Who would coach, Picard or Kirk? Super dave, Have you seen Nicky during the playoffs...Worf is already on defense!
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