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  1. Well we arrived at the box office at about 12:30. The lines weren't too long and guess what. Sold out. Boy were you guys right. However after traveling 3 hrs. we we not to be denied. Bought balcony tickets, great view of the entire surface BTW. We kept scanning the seats for some empties and eventually decided that scheme was a non-starter. Saw a great game however, A great Canes win, LaRose live is a treat. I said to my mate, "That Larose is such a grinder, watch", just then Goal, LaRose. How was the crowd in the lower section. Up top it was kinda quiet.
  2. Thanks for the information. I don't think we will arrive that early. Still coming though. It is about a 3 hour drive from the foothills of NC to there. See ya'll at the game
  3. Hello all I'm registered here, read the board frequently but have never posted. My friend from work and I just decided today to come to the RBC for the Panther game. Our first trip to a Canes game. We plan on taking advantage of the 99.9 Fan Fares Very excited to be coming to Raleigh. I hope we get there in time to stop by and say HI. This looks like a group of great fans and a fun time. Any tips?
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