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  1. very good question-I'm not about to fork over 70.00 for lower level north!
  2. if you go to the caniac manager, log in, veiw invoice and click on pay invoice(or sowthing like that) you can see your seat you were assigned. I'm a 12 pack person and mine was in there yesterday.
  3. http://www.nahuntapork.com/ try here for a pig(uncooked). our neighborhood has a get together atleast once a year and has gotten a pig from here before. I've never heard of a place that will start the cooking for you-sounds like a good idea tho!
  4. could you make a day trip down one day? or even stay over 1 night to look/drive around the complexes? if people are out, if you feel comfortable with it, talk to some residents who may be out walking or something. there are other places off Duraleigh Rd(pronounced Dura-lee).
  5. thera are several apartment complexes near Edwards Mill and Blue Ridge Road area. it's about 2-3 miles down Edwards Mill to the arena. just google(or whatever search engine).
  6. oh my goodness! I havent laughed this hard in a long time!!
  7. the punks are starting this again?? there was a rash of this a few summers ago. pricks. hope they rot in he!!. killed or seriously hurt a woman a few years ago.
  8. for the 12 game pack, they give you the choice of 3 packs-and they tell you up front which games are in each one. in the past, one choice is a lot of weekend games and another choice is a lot of weekday games. I can't remember about the 26 game packs-maybe 2 choices
  9. just look around for some nice people(most of us tailgaters are!), bring over some snacks/food and beverages of choice to share and ask to join them. most(if not all) would say heck yes!
  10. sportsbar and smokefree? god luck! might want to pm obxcanadien-he's in that area-he might be able to provide suggestions.
  11. oh gosh-our thoughts and lots of prayers for the Walker's.
  12. from former player sean hill whose number was 22.
  13. shill22


    we had one on the backyard this evening. it was right at dusk so it was hard to see-glad I wasnt out with one of the dogs
  14. i just checked my stuff and I have 2 differnt 'caniac mom' buttons. if you want either/both, pm me with an address and I'll mail them. no moolah needed-congrats on being an upcoming parent!
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