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  1. I am so sorry to hear this. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I have had family members die from cancer. It's hard to make it through the long battle. I know your mother must have been very brave. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Much Love, Karen
  2. Thank you all for your ideas. Im starting off with a bake sale at school and have raised almost $30 just from one hour of selling baked goods today. I have gotten my moms work to donate baked goods and other items for me to sale. Im also going around my school area to local business and seeing if they are willing to donate anything. Yeah I contacted the March of Dimes and they sent me somethings to help me with fundraising. Im still going to go over there I think sometime this week to talk to one of the people who work there. Thanks again for your help. I will keep you posted on what I am going to do. This is just the second week of me fundraising so I plan to have more in store. Nice to know there are some fellow preemies on here. lol. Thanks, Karen
  3. Wow I havent been on here in a long time. Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!!! and Happy Birthday to Quince!! Karen
  4. so I asked some of my friends this question.. here are the answers Male 17 Pineapple Male 16 oranges Male 17 Kiwi Male 18 peachs Karen
  5. Happy Birthday MattDoc!!! Hope the Canes win for you tonight!!! Karen
  6. I hope everyone has a Wonderful Valetines Day!! Even though I am single (which I dont mind at all especially since I wont get sick on all the candy), my Valentines Day has gone pretty good so far, which I am very happy about!! And all the girls on here and maybe some guys dont eat to much candy! Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! Karen
  7. I’m really glad that the transplant went successful! It’s really sweet of Kelly to be tutoring Julia. And I just love that part about JWillie trying to get her to change fav players!! I know we all are praying for her and hope she gets healthy soon!! She is such a courageous girl, and very strong, I know she will get better. Karen
  8. So I thought this was pretty cool. It is from part of Sundheim's Blog. "Cam Ward will debut a new mask this evening. The new lid is pretty sharp, and features a tribute to the state of North Carolina. The Wright brothers plane, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, USS North Carolina battleship and ocean waves adorn the mostly-red mask. Cam's wife's initials, "CWC," are hidden on a wing of the Wright brothers plane, and his grandfather, Frank, is honored on the back of the mask. The back also features the Stanley Cup with the Hurricanes secondary logo over it and the words "HAVE FUN," which Cam often writes on his goalie sticks. " here is the link: http://www.carolinahurricanes.com/custom/rad8ED80.asp Too bad I cant watch it tonight, I was looking forward to seeing his new mask!!! Karen
  9. Great post!!! Sadly I always get stuck beside the Caniac eructus and Caniac bulls***ius during games.. And one game that I went to there were some Caniac Chameleon beside me and they drove me nuts. Everytime we would score they would cheer for us, and say we were the best. but then when the other team scored they would cheer and say that the other team was the best.. So basically they never stopped cheering! Karen
  10. I love your drawings Elle, you are very talented!! And Mrs.rb17 I love abstract art, it is really creative. I love your art work, especially the Flower one, and the animal one is so unique. All of you guys have some very amazing work. We have some very talented people in this board, unfourtantly my creativity only goes to writing, but I am somewhat creative in art work, but its not really what I consider artwork, I will try to find some of it and post it on here. I have some drawings that someone made me a few years back, If I can find them I will post them. I love photography, so I have many pics that I could post here, they are mainly nature pics though. *edit to show pics* Sunrise at Topsail Island http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i178/crz...62011334_m1.jpg Flowers http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i178/crz...90/PICT0505.jpg Mountains West Virginia http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i178/crz.../mountains2.jpg Overlooking where my mother grew up, my grandfathers farm land is down there, but it is covered with trees.. West Virginia http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i178/crz...0/mountains.jpg there are more to come later.. Karen
  11. I was wondering when they were going to go to the White House, its about time. Unfourtantly I wont be able to go to practice tomorrow due to school, whoever is going have fun!!! Karen
  12. once cam got out of his car to go down the line, and i must've been feelin pretty good that day, because i asked for his picture and got right up on him...leaned my head into his shoulder and wrapped my arm right around him...lol my mom still gives me crap for it all the time! i wish commie would walk...i want him to do a fun pose with me! i'm scared that'd be too much to ask for, though i can see it now...i should bring a box to stand on so we're even height...leaning back to back, arms folded across the chest with the look on our faces "yeah man...we're hardcore" i'll work up the guts to ask him one day! Ohh that would be awesome Slim, if you did do that with Commodore. And about the Cam thing, Im sure he didnt mind! lol :wink: Karen
  13. Wow!! Those are some amazing pics!! Im glad you had a nice trip and returned safely. Karen
  14. so I decided to list some more music I have on WMP. 1. Chad Kroeger- "Hero" 2. Dido- "White Flag" 3. Five for Fighting- "Superman" 4. Jet- "Look what you've done" 5. The Killers- "Somebody told me" 6. Nine Inch Nails- "The hand that feeds" 7. Led Zeppelin- "Stairway to Hevan" 8. Little Big Town- "Boondocks" 9. Lillix- "What I like about you" 10. The Donnas- "Backstage" 11. Sheryl Crow- "Soak up the Sun" 12. Tim McGraw- "Country boys and Girls" 13. Vinilla Ice- "Ice Ice Baby" 14. Bon Jovi- "Shot throught the heart" 15. Queen- "We will Rock you" Karen
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