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  1. Your right the guide does show the Lightning.. the Center Ice guide shows it being shown on the NHL network at 7:00 so who knows which we will really see!
  2. We are on the NC coast and have Time Warner and our guide says the game will be shown on NHL net on TV if that helps anyone. It's channel 139 in our area but I'm sure it's part of some package we have purchased.
  3. I'm pretty positive the second signature is John Grahame's. I have it on my jersey too.
  4. You guys never cease to amaze me.. if we were winning this game John Grahame would be a God.... but of course since we losing with half our team being River Rats and the other half being sick... it's all Johns fault and he needs to go..... Can we get a small grip on reality here??
  5. king caniac I for one agree with your take on Cams play last night and in general.... but you have been on this board long enough to know that when we have a horrible game it is ALWAYS the fault of the defense never the goalie(unless of course JG is in net) and when we have a great game it is ALWAYS because our goalie played out of his mind... for most of the members on here Cam can do no wrong... and NO certainly the goalie can't do everything and I don't think anyone here expects him too but when someone sitting at home watching the game on TV can tell when the other team is going to score even before the puck leaves the stick.... well I'm sorry... the goalie has his issues....
  6. Annddd here we go............ yet again.........
  7. Ohhh.. that ones awesome jr... great job!!!
  8. Happy 2008 to each of you!!! May the new year bring happiness and peace.... and a glimpse of the team we know and love...
  9. Weird... try this... I'm listening now.. http://webclust1.liquidcompass.cc/sos4stnr...yer.php?id=WRLT
  10. I got signed up but all it shows me are two games available for tommorow....
  11. Ramps = A type of wild leek widely known in the Appalachian Mountians... don't they even have festivals centered around this?????
  12. Props to both Melinda and Wardo30 for coming out and saying what has been on my mind for quite some time... I'm not exactly sure what has happened on this board, why it has "turned" the way it has (by no means the fault of the mods or admin) I can't even remember the last time I felt comfortable enough to even make a post on here without feeling like someone was going to jump down my throat for something I may have said..... I am thrilled that the old board is re-opened and I for one will be back there to a place where people seemed to respect each others different opinions, didn't make you feel stupid if you weren't quite the hockey expert that they were or if you just wanted to ask a question. No offense to any of the members here that enjoy this type of atmosphere.... but it's not for me any longer. For those of you that may not enjoy this atmosphere please feel free to come and join us.
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