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  1. Here's the difference between Raleigh and Boston. Boston's stadium is right in the middle of the city where all parking is expensive so $25 isn't out of the ordinary. Raleigh's stadium was built on an old cow pasture with TONS of empty land around it for parking in a city where people complain about going downtown on a Friday night because they don't want to pay $5 for parking. So yea this isn't Boston's parking situation. I am glad to see they are offering a discount on the parking pass for season ticket holders though. Previously it was $7 vs $10, now it'll be $10 vs $15.
  2. Are you still looking for Boston tickets? I have 2 great LL tickets for sale for face value w/ free parking pass.
  3. I am selling my season ticket holder seats for the Boston game on April 13th. The seats are great! In the end where the Canes shoot twice, high enough that you can see over the glass and penalty box, low enough that you feel like you're right there. This area is virtually all season ticket holders and not available for sale at the box office. Details: 2 Tickets Section 121 Row Q Face Value is $90 each which is what I am asking for the tickets I can include a general parking pass ($10 value) for free as well. Please message me on here or send me an email to my gmail account (My username on here @gmail.com)
  4. I've got 1 ticket for sale for the New Jersey game. It's in section 121 row WW. This ticket would be $100 at the box office right now. I'm selling it for $75 firm. If it doesn't sell I'll probably just trade it in. Send me a PM
  5. I agree it would be really nice if people showed some respect for the anthem. Either sing it correctly or stand in respect. No reason to yell out during it.
  6. If I remember correctly those were actually part of the settlement over the seats. Instead of replacing the seats the Hurricanes agreed to do things to make the arena "more NC State" which included paying for a lot of banners around the arena.
  7. I'd like to trade for the Cole Bobblehead. 1 for 1 for another one from last season. let me know if you're interested.
  8. This is what they use for warmups: Oh and it is made by In Glass Co in Canade
  9. I believe they will automatically refund your credit card. If you didn't purchase them via credit card you have to take them back to the point of purchase for a refund (minus fees).
  10. WOW $200 for a litho! That's crazy, not surprising but wow! I guess the $15 I spent about 18 months ago for one really was a steal then. (I got it signed the following week and now it hangs along the wall with the rest of my collection)
  11. You should have just kept drinking during OTs. Beer.... the cure to all hangovers.
  12. Opening night giveaway this season.
  13. If neither team is showing the game there wont be a feed for those online sites to pirate. So if you're not in the building it looks like you'll be SOL.
  14. What STH event? No seriously, I really have no recollection of what you are talking about and as a STH myself I try and make all of the special events.
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