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  1. I was just out at the ticket office, and I noted that tailgating had already begun.
  2. Regarding the food prices....one it is a stadium and they are inflated. But I really wouldn't mind the prices for the saussages, the "cheese steaks" the bbq or the roast beef sandwiches if at least the rolls were not cold.
  3. Either then or during the circus hiatus in February.
  4. I respectfully suggest those of you who were concerned about the calling of the game last night to join in the following petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/firemick/petition.html Check it out. The calling of last nights game is symptomatic of the calling by this particular referee. Note how he was overruling the calls by other ref's and/or linemen....the placement of faceoffs, etc.
  5. Anybody know why the game vs the Isle was blacked out on Dishnetwork? It appears it was on Direct TV and on Center Ice and it was on the Canes schedule as a FSN broadcast.
  6. The problem with the chant is that it is done completely at the wrong time. To chant to a Goalie that "You ssssk" adter he has just denied 16 straight scoring attemps as in the Vancouver game, and what Miller did during the first and second period seems to be just stupid. Get on the Goalie when he is down, and make him second guess himself. Personally, I think we need more fan interaction: drums, horns (not air horms) etc. and a lot more noise. When sitting in the 300 level and I can hear the players, I think we are just too silent.
  7. It is good to note that none of the Canes are spending $400 on their haircuts. :<) :<) Like the Uni's though.
  8. Call me crazy, but I wear mine whenever I visit my son in Buffalo. Yes, it is the one with the signatures of the team members, and the Stanley Cup Crest
  9. With Cullen on the Powerplay we will not see Brindy doing endless double shifts as our reliable faceoff winner. As fit as the man is, it takes something out of him to be on the ice so long on the PK and the Powerplay. With Hutch gone, Tanabe all but gone, Babcuck all but gone, we do need someone more on the defence. We are now just one injury away from a jury rigged defence and our guys aren't getting any younger. And Eklund says were are in the hunt for Peca, and Belfour. In both cases I think a waste of money. The backup should be truely someone in training to be a replacement..like Ward was for Gerber
  10. Hey, don't dis Versus for their short coverage of the NHL draft. Instead on the 23rd we get the first race of the America's cup.....Switzerland vs. New Zealand
  11. Yes that is funny. I remember one night when the beer stand was operated by a "conservative church group". They we so concerned that I get my money's worth that they kept pouring off all the foam. I was kind of funny to watch.
  12. I don't have the exact url, but the comment was burried in the commentary about the game on www.tsn.ca/nhl
  13. Okay you asked for it!! When the Wolfpack play the night before, have the ushers walk the rows to check for spilled Pepsi remains on the floor. It leaves a sticky mess the next game. And same when the Wolfpack follow us. Glad about the recycling bins, but what about a notice on the Jumbotron before the game when you are telling everyone where the ATM's are located. A lot of people are still throwing the bottles in the regular trash. How about some of the same beer choices in the upperdeck that are reserved for the "Deck"? Whatever happened to the "grilled" hot dogs? Can the saussage vendors at least heat up the rolls? A cold roll with a hot saussage does not make a good eating experience? And fix the parking mess! Entering the RBC controlled area 45 minutes before game time and missing the opening faceoff is not a measure of success! I know what you are trying to do (besides getting people to upgrade to Premium parking next year), but your queue management is not working properly, and sometimes the parking attendants don't even look for the parking tag hanging from the rear view mirror.
  14. Looks like parking management is not working for anyone. On one occassion I extered the RBC property at 6:22 PM off Edwards Mill Road. I was waved past three general parking lots (with visible empty spaces) only to sit for 15 minutes while the premium cars (who did not plan appropriatey to get to the game on time) were waved on buy. By the time I got to the game (I was eventually parked on a lot near the Wolfpack faculty lot), I missed the faceoff. Boston 12/2 night. again, I was earlier and waved past three half empty general admission parking lots (again from the Edwards Mill exit into the RBC center), and parked in a mud hole of a lot. Finally, and I have checked, the RBC center is the ONLY arena in the US and Canada serving a major league profession team of any sort without any form of public transit available. An if they had sidewalks, I could actually walk to the game. But then again, I might be run over by the cars exiting from the premium lots. It appears they don't like pedestrians....even in the lots.
  15. I was wondering specifically about the Krefold Penguins and the Koln (Cologne) Sharks. Last year I attended a Berlin Eisbaerens game (previously described in last years message board). I had a great time. I advise anyone travelling to attend a local hockey game. I encourage people who have attended games to report their experience here.
  16. At the main page each forum list the number of topics, but when you go into the forum it only displays the first 20 topics and does not provide for a next page or go to page option. I am using IE7
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