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    On this beautiful spring day I remembered this oldie!! What are the three signs of spring?? 1) The birds chirping 2) The flowers blooming 3) The Buffalo Sabres choking!!
  2. Does this mean that JR has given up on this year's team? Does this mean that we are "selling" instead of "buying"? Wake me up! Tell me there is another trade in the works...please. Nashville is #1 in hockey right now and wanting to true up their team for a cup run. Joe was/is one of my fav's but goodness. Sorry for the negative but oh my...
  3. When you walk into the house and all of the red, white and black Fiesta dinnerware are nicley arranged on the shelf and your wife says "those are for game day only"
  4. Yes ...kudos for getting this up and going... as like many others... the withdrawal from the board was tough...will be looking forward to reading first thing in the am and one of the last things at night....let's go canes!!!
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