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  1. Yeah, I love Halladay as a pitcher, but that arm's got a lot of mileage on it. He's got to be within a year or two or starting a decline phase.
  2. Last night was a tough choice for me. My inclination was to pull for the Twins since I think they're generally more likeable than the Tigers. But I figured the Tigers had a much better chance of knocking off the NYYs. Looks like that's what will probably play out. Can't fault the Twins for losing tonight though. Nick Blackburn's been good down the stretch, hopefully he gives them enough of a chance to take game 2.
  3. 1) Yeah, when we blew that six run lead to the Royals the other night, normally that would've been panic time for sure. But as things are right now, I just shrugged it off pretty easily. As soon as it ended, it was just "oh well," and on to the next one. Although it'd be pretty disconcerting if we get swept by the Royals. 2) When the wild card team comes from the same division as the team with the best record, as has often been the case when the Yankees and Red Sox both make the playoffs, then that team with the best record instead will play the division winner with the weakest record. Thus you end up with the Yankees playing the central winner almost every year, and probably again this year. 3) Mauer should be the MVP and Greinke should win the Cy. I think it'd be nuts if either of those didn't happen.
  4. Teams from the same division aren't allowed to meet in the first round, iirc. We're probably on another collision course with the Angels. I heard DiceK is making a rehab start tomorrow night in Winston-Salem, for any interested folks who live out that way.
  5. *raises hand* Though I'm pretty much rooting against the entire SEC in general. Can't take much more of hearing how great they are. It'd be awesome if we could open the season beating SC Thursday and then have VT beat Bama next Saturday.
  6. I think a common theory among State fans that many ECU fans double as UNC basketball fans and hate us through that. One of my co-workers fits this description perfectly, oddly enough. As a State fan, I don't really have a problem with ECU. Sure, it sucks when we lose to them. But after we beat them last year, I didn't really care what they did the rest of the year. This year, I'll root for them when they head to Chapel Hill, but otherwise what they do won't affect me one way or the other.
  7. The next two weeks can't go by fast enough.
  8. The Nats got Strasburg done. $15M. Good for them.
  9. I agree with the list putting Chicago #1 and the Slugs #30. But most of the rest ... bleh. I think he vastly overrates Toronto and St. Louis, neither of those are close to the top 10 for me. Meanwhile, Columbus and Anaheim are both top 10 for me. I think he underrates ours as well. I wouldn't put us in the top 10, but at least the top 15 for sure. I also think Minnesota's red jersey has become the single most overrated jersey in the league. It looked a lot better before they tinkered with it for the Rbk changeover. My personal top 5: 1. Chicago 2. Montreal 3. Boston 4. Columbus 5. Detroit And bottom 5: 26. Tampa Bay 27. Edmonton 28. Nashville 29. Colorado 30. Buffalo +1. I think our white jerseys are by far our best look. It sucks that the red/white game is the only time I get to see them in a game in person.
  10. I think everyone's hearts might've skipped a beat when Buchholz went for that head-first slide into home. You're not supposed to do that, Clay! At least Buchholz didn't reach for the plate with his pitching hand. Unless he's pitched in some road interleague games, that was probably the first time he's run the bases since high school. Re: Strasburg. I don't think the Nats can afford to not sign him. Rightly or wrongly, he's been incredibly hyped up, and the Nats couldn't sign their first round pick last year either. It would be a tough sell to their fanbase, what little of it there is, if they let that happen two years in a row.
  11. It's funny about Guzman, my bro lives in DC and is a big Nats fan (one of the few). For awhile, it seemed like everytime I tried talking to him about baseball and the Nats, we'd just keep coming back to how much Guzman sucks. This was after they signed him to a big deal in '05 and he proceeded to hit .219. Man he hated that guy. I think he got over it the last couple years tho, since Guz has been pretty productive and the Nats have had plenty of other crappy players for him to hate.
  12. I'm fine as long as they don't bring back "This Is Hockey." Too many bad memories associated with that one.
  13. I think I dread our games in Tampa more than just about anywhere else, including NY and LA. Bad *edit* always happens to us there, even when they sucked (thinking of Pedro getting into a fight w/ Gerald Williams there some years ago). (as I type this, Pena hits a two-run shot to put them in the lead. going to Yankee Stadium will be a relief after this.)
  14. I dunno, Grahame did actually win a few games for us. On the on the other hand, Storr (and Weekes) were stuck playing behind a team that scored about two goals a month.
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