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  1. Cam got his start when the number 1 wasn't getting it done. It's time for Ellis to prove whether or not he can be another #1 again. Cam's just too inconsistent and is not performing at the level we expect of him. He should sit until Ellis stumbles, if he does. Time is too short this season to keep starting Cam in an attempt to try to show confidence in him for his self esteem. He's had enough games that he did't dome through when we needed him to, that he needs to sit as the #2 until such time that he's needed and then see if he can re-earn his number 1 status. It shouln't be a foregone conclusion at this point.
  2. I concur. Your points are right on target. Also, I don't think Eric is showing either the leadership, energy, or effort that his astronomical salary should generate. In a small market, with a self restrictive budget, his share of avaialable money means he needs to produce even more than if he was in a larger market where more talent can be hired to pick up some of the responsibilities. He just does not have the leadership skills that will help motivate the team, especially when he struggles so much trying to find his own motivation.
  3. Cam seems to do pretty good during gmaes on 1 on 1 attempts, but it seems to me that he has really struggled in shootouts over the last few years. Does anyone know what his record is and how does this stack up against other goalies in the league? I get nervous when we get to shootouts because it seems we rarely win them. Not only do we have trouble scoring, but it seems a rarity that Cam shuts the other guys down. A few years ago, he use to commit way too early. Now he just seems to get beat high and low way too often. I think he thinks too much about defending in shootouts and just reacts on 1 on 1 attempts and his instinctive reactions work out a lot better. Comments?
  4. Effort should be there every night and noticible no matter who you're playing with especially if the discussion is about leadership qualities. Maybe we should have given his linemates more of his cash. I am still in awe of JR's rational that he couldn't afford Cole, but he could pay a washed up Kaberle what he's getting (especially after our experience with his brother).
  5. This is a great opporltunity for the whole organization to re-energize. This team has talent and hopefully the new coaching directives well help us gel and play like we know we can. This team has looked awesome at times this year and it's time to get the consistency to make that the norm rather than the exception. Motivation will be the key.
  6. A lot of the discussions about Staal's problems keep flying around his lack of quality linemates. A true leader would be showing 100% effort regardless of whose on the line with him. The results might still not be there, but the effort should always be there. With Staal, it's not. He should definitely take a page from Skinner's book and take notice of how that boy gives it all just about everytime he's on the ice and jumps back into the thick of it whenever he encounters obstacles. This is not a problem that's unique to this year either. Staal has a history of going through extended periods of uneplained funk most years. There are just too many times where he looks tired, listless, or just plain lost out there, skating around in circles waiting for someone to get him the puck. Relentless is what the 2005-2006 mantra was and that's what Staal as a leader needs to show if he is to be the Captain and face of the Hurricanes. Hopefully, the new coach will honor his word and demand accountability from everyone and then come up with appropriate repercussions when it is not shown.
  7. I agree. I've heard people talk about how he's a leader in the locker room...Maybe. But, we need a leader on and off the ice and he's not it, never has been, and never will be. He's been forced into the position by the GM and owners that "want" him to be the face of the organization, especially since they loaded themselves with his heavy contract. Every year he has prolonged slumps which are later attributed to "unspecified injuries" which have deteriorated his game for critical stretches of the seasons. In my opinion, trying to play through, if that's the best you can do, is more arrogant than helpful to the team as it creates gaping holes in the offense and defense by having a "weak" player taking up space on the ice. As for a vote of no confidence that has been mentioned, he has brought that on himself, not only this year, but previous years as the team has struggled to find motivation to come out competitively on a regular basis. Too many times in the past few years, the Canes have come out half heartedly to start games or given up too easily when things turned bad for them during games. The team has spent the better part of the last month and a half scrambling any chance of chemistry by jerking the lines around and misallocating playing time for younger players as everyone tried to find that "special place" for Eric to find himself and to feel good about himself. Enough already. Been there, tried that, hasn't worked. Let's move on to Plan B. Ok JR....we're ready for Plan B. We know you've got to be working on one...
  8. I agree that the chance of Staal being traded are practically nil. Just for the sake of discussion though, we'd most likely get more and better talent for him than any others. I know....not gonna happen. As I started in an earlier post, you can make a pretty severe message by moving him to a different line or letting him sit out until he gets a grip on whatever ails him. As for the "C", they didn't mind taking it from Brind A'More when he was slumping and giving it to a younger guy who was not ready for it. What's the difference from then to now? A younger guy might really step up and show that leadership is not age determined but exhibited by actions and commitment, traits which are not being shown currently.
  9. He's getting over 7 million dollars to play hockey and he's not. Period. Those reasons listed above are not reasons to not do your job with maximum effort. athey wouldn't be acceptable reasons for a poor performance at my job or anyone else's and I don't make a small fraction of what Staal has agreed to play for. AS a Captain he has an extra duty to perform as hard as he can each and every moment he's on the ice. Anything less and he's not doing his job. He's definietely not doing his job. There should be some repercussions. They should be definitive and severe enough to send a message to the whole team. Excuses for his poor play are all pathetically weak. Mo's responsible for team motivation. He's failed as well. He needs to go. Now!
  10. Fighter Jet? ......Really???? How about Bi Plane....that's run out of gas. Don't excuse his poor play because of lack of linemates. There's no effort. He's bringing the whole team down while everyone waits for him to find his game. I say it's time to cut losses.
  11. The Canes have suffered for most of the time since the won the Cup with the lack of consistent play. Staal is a big part of the problem. Granted he ends up with an "adequate" number of points for a "superstar", buet his ability to lead the charge on a regular basis, especially at critical times in the season or when the rest of the team is slumping, is lacking noticeably. When other players are making a visible effort to exert that extra bit of energy, Staal is constantly seen skating around in the middle of the ice looking lost. They took the Captaincy away from BrindAmore when similar situations were occuring and I think the cAnes should consider a similar move now to give Staal and the team a message that mediocrity results in someone else getting a chance to step up to the plate. Every yeaer, we are fed the same old line, that Staal is injured and that it is just not being reveiled. That story has gotten old. If he's so injured that he can't produce more than he is now, then sit him out until he can play. Right now, he is a drain on the team and bringing them down. Today's game is typical of his behavior this year...he skates lethargically most of the time, he throw weak and misdirected passes more often than crisp passes on the tape, and his shots are mostly laughably weak, ineffectual attempts that a minor league goalie could handle. Staal is not the be all end all of this team. No one player can be. Do what Washington did and admit that your "Best Player" is not acting or playing like your best player and sit him down until the reality hits home for him. If he's truly injured, et him heal. He's not generating much of anything and adding any other player in the league to his line will not cause him to exert the energy his role demands. I'm not saying get rid of him (I don't know if we could find a team to take him now), but a demotion to alternate or moving to the 2nd line is in order and would give the team a strong message that no one is a Prima Dona and that players given positions of responsibility are held accountable. Something drastic needs to happen to shake this team up. Letting them show up every 3rd or 4th game should not be acceptable. There is talent here, but it's not consistent at all. Mo may have to answer for some of that, but changing Captains (especially with this kind of performance to date),is not unheaerd of in any sports franchise in order to spark a team ouot of a funk like the Canes have endured.
  12. I agree. JR's lining up the pieces to make a trade. The competition in the back makes a package deal more likely than a few weeks ago. Maurice's comment that there wasn't as much competition up front as they'd hoped and the competition in the back was better than they'd hoped for was very telling.
  13. I've watched the Cup winning Game 7 several times to remind me how the game should be played. That game never ceases to thrill me.
  14. Sutter is going to be a great one. His skill, enthusiam and aggressiveness around the goal are awsome. Our veterns could learn a lot by paying attention to what he's doing out on the ice. He's a really fun player to watch. He's the kind of player we need more of and should nuture and relish his play for the Canes.
  15. WArd is one of my favorite players and I believe he is way above average. Injuries like his are hard to get over immediately and I think he's dcoming back into form. No goalie is going to be "great" every night and they all occasionally let in a soft goal or two. It's the nature of the game and the position. I do feel however that Cam needs extra work on his shootout performances. He commits way too early everytime. He's got to have one of the worse records of any starting goalie. If he can improve on this aspect of his game, he'll be much more complete.
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