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  1. With the new Phoenix situation I could very well see them moving to Seattle expecially since its basically inevitable that the Sac. Kings will be going to Seattle. It makes more sense to put an established franchise that has had recent on ice success in a new America market instead of putting a expansion team that would be mediocre to poor for a few years. Give the new market a good product for a few years. Give the two expansions to the Canadian teams who will support the team no matter.what. It still kills be that these hockey writers and "traditionalist" think that expansion is stupid. They say that financially it wouldn'tt make sense. I agree if we are talking about putting two more teams in a southern market but you are going to put them in Canada where the teams will be financially successful without a doubt. How is that going to hurt the league more than what we have now. It just means more revenue sharing dollars into the pot. It's the morons that talk contraction that really piss me off.
  2. It Looks like they just added the game to DIsh. Says its playing on an HD channel. Hopefully its the HD stream.
  3. Looks like Dish customers aren't getting toniights game and if I read the broadcast Info right on the canes site, dish customers will only get the standard def broadcast for every game. I seriously hope that's wrong. If the first game of the season Isn't broadcasted especially considering its not even at home. I will be beyond pissed.
  4. Probably would be blacked out I imagine. Probably would be blacked out I imagine.
  5. See, I hate the piping on the shoulders. I thought it was completely pointless and really made us look like "Candy Canes". I like the clean look that we had before. I love our third jerseys but if shoulder piping had been added to them, it would have significantly downgraded the look for me.
  6. Please Canes, god, dont do anything the Marlins FO does. I would know all to well. One question I would like to know is, Are there any plans to update any of the Uniforms. Ive noticed alot of the black jersey in promotional stuff and I think its a great look. The reds and whites would be better without the stupid shoulder piping ala pre Reebok Edge jersey days. Ive often wondered if they would turn the third jersey into the home and make a white jersey with the flag.
  7. 303 Row N. Looked like pretty good seats. I like seats right around broadcast level and position. Dont like end zones but i would like to sit lower level for once. Once some tickets get on stub hub for almost 60 percent off, ill probably take a chance on them.
  8. I couldnt get that far. I would click on the link and it would say not available. I finally got it to work though and ill be in the balcony, albeit much higher up than when i first had gotten in.
  9. Are tickets already sold out. Its saying tickets arent available for 50 percent anymore. Ticketmaster was being absolute crap as always and wouldnt let me choose different seats. It kept making me go to check out for tickets i didnt want so i had to back out and restart now it wont work.
  10. I know it's not going to happen because it would be reputation suicide but wouldn't it be funny if they vote not to accept the agreement? It is stupid that they won't do the vote Thursday and Friday. Heck I don't see how a group of 700 something players need two days to send an email yes or no. You would think they have already had the agreement sent to them. I wonder when we get a modified schedule. I'm guessing Friday or next Monday.
  11. I would like to see Nashville before Columbus more for geography reasons not competition, but I could live with Columbus.
  12. Hopefully we will get center ice free for this season and maybe the Canes will discount some tickets.
  13. I would watch but at home. I was planning to make many a trip to Raleigh this season but for obvious reasons that didnt happen. This was the first year financially I could really dedicate my self to going multiple times a year. Even though about a ticket plan. The Nhl wont get any of my money this season. Next year I'm sure I will go some.
  14. Personally I don't want to watch a 48 game season. I just dont get how anyone could get excited about hockey so soon after this crap even if you love The sport There's too much dislike to the team and to the players to make me care. About the only thing that could change that for this "season" would be a cup run but then i would still have guilt and mixed emotions about the run.i might be interested if the season starts at the regular time next year. The only real thing I'm thankful for at this point is that our group of guys have remained pretty much silent and not made a fool out of themselves in the media. I hope the courts make fools of both the players and the league when it gets to that point for what it's worth.
  15. Please for the love of god, cancel the season already. Please let these morons dig themselves further into the hole that they created.that goes for both sides. If they play half a season, doesn't that mean the one year contacts just play the half then are gone? Forget that if so. Just cancel it.
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