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  1. lol, I hear ya. I was watching the highlights on ESPN from tonights game (vs. Pens) and what do they show? Crosby scoring (understandable...it was his 200th point), and then they show the other goal for Pitt. No Canes highlights whatsoever. Without seeing the score one woulda thought that the Pens won the game judging by the highlights.
  2. I dont know what number we are on but here is one: You know you are CANIAC when you have a "Stop Puck in Play Sign"from the RBC Center!!! (not me personally, it is a friend of mine)
  3. I remember in Game 7 of the ECF, and maybe game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals it was like 130dB or there about.
  4. Yeah I like the red, but I voted white just so I could see what white would look like at home, because I have never seen us wear the white jerseys in person.
  5. Yeah when the error first occured on this message board I would try everyday and sometimes multiple times a day, then I just quit trying until I recently got an email about it being up and running. LETS GO CANES
  6. Yeah the one about wearing a Canes jersey in your drivers license picture is hilarious. I am wearing one of those red shirts that says "One Team, One Goal" and has a picture of the Cup in my license picture.
  7. Man those ones I listed above are completely true about me.
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