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  1. The one good thing about this home game.. I don't have to walk out of the arena surrounded by Bruins fans.
  2. They really could have stolen one tonight. They had the goodies in a bag and were halfway out the door..
  3. I really think none of this happens if Reimer stays back and uses good positioning, even one on none.
  4. Just getting to the red line and dumping it in for a change feels like an accomplishment.
  5. Canes have gotten away with many careless defensive misplays so far.. this kind of luck doesn't usually hold for 60.
  6. Keep flinging pucks blindly into the middle of the ice as failed attempts to clear and you will certainly get burned
  7. They haven't been that impressive, but one scoring line performing decently is still better than what the Canes are doing.
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