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  1. Well, at least he's a right shot, so Necas won't feel so lonely.
  2. Not this year! Perhaps my negative mental energies finally had their intended effect, and he's now a Capitals STH.
  3. I sit in Club Ledge. The view is similar to the third level end zone view, with a moderately improved involvement with the game. Technically, it's easier to see the build up of plays than a sideline view, and there are really no portions of the ice that I can't see, but I would also say that any scramble in front of the far net, you might as well watch the overhead screen because it's just a mass of people. The fact that you have a nice swivel seat, plenty of room left and right, a bar table in front of you to hold your food and drinks, and easy in/out to the bar and restrooms are the big sellers. The "free meal" is always a pulled pork sandwich, a top round (kinda of like prime rib filet) sandwich, or a lukewarm premade wrap in aluminum foil for no particular reason. You get two drink vouchers, which can be redeemed for beer or soda, but not any mixed drinks or liquor. The monitors in the table are, for some reason, offset from my seat, and have a dreadful view from an angle, so for me they just take up good table space. The big negative is that a lot of parents think that the tables make great activity centers for their family, so they get Club Ledge seats and bring kids who spend most of their time complaining about not having anything to do, or teens complaining about bad wifi/data service. Not much different than the business/vacation chatter in Champions Club or Club Center Ice, I guess.
  4. Michael Smith indicated he could be brought right back up, so this may be something related to his service time on his ELC (which I thought was games, not days), or they could just be cheaping out on his two-way deal to save a day's NHL salary. He clearly looks ready for the NHL game to me. Bull in a china shop mentality, which the team needs up front.
  5. I signed up for the team trip to Vegas on 2/8. Only real benefit would be getting to sit in a group of Canes fans.. I mean, the guest of honor is GM Waddell, and I guess I like what he did with the roster, but the pre-game dinner spot is a sushi restaurant?!?
  6. My main problem is that his name is pronounced HOW-la. I realize that Forslund makes a lot of comments using the "Holla" pun, but if we want the guy to stay we might want to start making him feel more welcome.
  7. He's deadly in the dark.
  8. Background note.. Sarna is in Sweden, Sarnia is in Ontario Canada, and Narnia is hard to find on a map, but you go through a British wardrobe and look for a talking lion.
  9. I'm sure Stormy is upset we didn't get him.
  10. Hoglander looks like a guy you regret not taking if you had a chance.
  11. You mean Kovalchuk? He was leading their team in points until the coach got fired and Desjardins moved him to the 4th line. If you mean Voynov, yeah, but Slava's problems were off-ice, and no pick is immune to that stuff.
  12. Boom. Spectacular pick. He needs the two years in the KHL to get stronger anyway.
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