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  1. My main problem is that his name is pronounced HOW-la. I realize that Forslund makes a lot of comments using the "Holla" pun, but if we want the guy to stay we might want to start making him feel more welcome.
  2. He's deadly in the dark.
  3. Background note.. Sarna is in Sweden, Sarnia is in Ontario Canada, and Narnia is hard to find on a map, but you go through a British wardrobe and look for a talking lion.
  4. I'm sure Stormy is upset we didn't get him.
  5. Hoglander looks like a guy you regret not taking if you had a chance.
  6. You mean Kovalchuk? He was leading their team in points until the coach got fired and Desjardins moved him to the 4th line. If you mean Voynov, yeah, but Slava's problems were off-ice, and no pick is immune to that stuff.
  7. Boom. Spectacular pick. He needs the two years in the KHL to get stronger anyway.
  8. Kaliyev to the Kings early on in round 2. His low floor kept him out of the first round, but as soon as a GM isn't risking a 'FIRSt ROUND BUST', which often gets them fired, his talent was attractive to a team that plays his style.
  9. I did like the shouted chorus of 'Merci!!' from their fans when Montreal congratulated the Blues. I am so here for the Bruins hate.
  10. Here's a nice chart of the remaining prospects at skater.
  11. The goalie rankings this year just seem to lean towards the taller prospects, as the top 6 are all 6'3" or more. It's a factor, not as important to me as ability or work ethic, but everything else being equal you want the bigger guy.
  12. It's a "big goalie" world and we're all just livin' in it. Mads Sogaard, 6'7" 199. 2.64 GAA, .919 SV in the WHL. Not a lot of Danish players in the NHL (7 active). Pyotr Kochetkov, 6'3" 180. 2.13 GAA, .930 SV in the Russia 2nd, and is under contract with the KHL for 2 more seasons, but wants to be an NHL goalie.. Hugo Alnevelt, 6'3" 185. 2.59 GAA, .905 SV in Sweden's JL. Hunter Jones, 6'4" 202. 3.31 GAA .902 SV on a middle-of-the-pack Petes team in the OHL.
  13. Suzuki is basically Elias Lindholm.
  14. 51 goals and 51 assists in 67 OHL games.. and still not taken through 26 picks.. says something. I think he'll be an absolute steal, but the whispers on effort and demeanor have to be real.
  15. Lightning at 27, then the Canes.
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