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  1. Washington spent a lot of time chasing us for a hit, and lost the series because they didn't play their own game. If the Canes lose game 3, and want to get some revenge in game 4 when things are really unlikely to go our way, I've got no problem with the idea. But hunting for scalps isn't this team's identity, and it's not how we win, and it's definitely how the Bruins get power plays they really take advantage of. Not tonight.
  2. To me, 'missing a call' is entirely different than 'calling something they let go at other points in the game'. I totally get the concept of playoff hockey. Let them play, let it be rougher than usual, keep the whistles quiet for everything that isn't egregious or dangerous. The part I hate is when a call is made for a minor violation that was previously (or subsequently) considered fine. Both of the calls on Hamilton, and the slashing on Nino, fall into that category for me.
  3. He has the third highest shooting percentage in their playoffs, behind Coyle and Krejci, who also worry me. Efficient players are the guys you can't frustrate by limiting shots. Two penalties in 12 games, but they may have been bad ones to stick out like that.
  4. Get a weird feeling Nordstrom is going to do some notable things in this series.
  5. I don't like it when a coach makes guarantees. If a player wants to, well, it's on them to back it up. The coach is there to take pressure off his team, not add to it.
  6. It's a mess, and the rules don't matter. If they were following the rules, we'd have as many double kickouts as single, and as many delay penalties, too. And at the beginning of the year, they actually started to call it according to the book.. but waffled back to the old way when they had to call so many penalties.
  7. 'Aisles' are where their fans go in the third period.
  8. For your viewing... pleasure? The Islanders article about game 3 to beat ALL Islanders articles about game 3. https://topstyletodaycom.com/dont-blame-1-play-the-islanders-need-to-be-on-this-huge-gap/
  9. Speaking of Trotz: He had a rested and healthy squad vs. a tired and injured one, he had last change to set matchups, and he had two games in front of a home crowd. And lost both times. He better up his game to Rod's level, and quick.
  10. Belfour always said that shooters hit the bar because 'that's all I gave them'.
  11. caniac-1-1

    2019 Playoffs

    Jake Bean - Left Calvin de Haan - Left Justin Faulk - Right Hadyn Fleury - Left Dougie Hamilton - Right Brett Pesce - Right Jaccob Slavin - Left
  12. Come on home, boys. You done good. On Wednesday, we'll get the barn nice and loud for you.
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