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  1. The Storm Squad members do not get a Stanley Cup ring but we did buy our daughter the replica. GSBG, I'll pass on your message to Holly and thank you for the nice words
  2. As the mom of a former Storm Squad member, I can only remember how excited she was before, during and after the games. Her favorite part was interacting with fans. Men, women AND children. She still misses it to this day. She was on the squad for several years and actually watched children grow up before her eyes. There is a special bond between cheerleaders and the fans. Some she'll remember for the rest of her life. Being a part of winning the Stanley Cup w/ the fans is something she'll be able to tell her babies someday. She misses you guys but will be back on 11-23 I think. Give the new girls a chance. Its still very early in the season . GO Canes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I realize that singing the National Anthem isn't the easiest thing for anyone to do...believe me, I know since I'm Holly's mom. Holly was fortunate enough to be able to sing our anthem the year we won the CUP. Memories that will stay with her and with her family until the end of time. Most singers of the anthem sing it and feel it. I'll be the first to admit that one must be in top form when singing....no flu, no sore throat, etc. Holly wasn't 100 % each time she sang and she heard all about it. Give Katherine a chance. She's only 10 but to me, she does a great job. I can't wait to hear her again !
  4. I had my eye surgery at Kelly Eye Center in Raleigh. They have several locations but I had mine done on Lumley Rd near the airport. I had it done in September because my daughter was getting married in December and if I cry, my contacts would fog up. This is the best investment I've ever made of $3900 but I am so glad I did it! Totally painless and Dr Michael Kelly and staff were awesome. I go for a 6 month followup visit in April. Cole could have easily had his surgery in Raleigh and played the very next day. There is nothing to it ! Visit Kelly Eye Center on the web and you can get all the info you need. Good luck !!!!!
  5. Woo hoo !!!! GSBG! I looked at your page and saw my baby's picture ! I miss her being on the squad this year but she is LOVING married life in Charlotte. You've got a great page ladybug.
  6. Our home has been decorated for Christmas since the week prior to Thanksgiving as our daughter was getting married on 12-1-07 and if I didn't decorate then, it wouldn't get decorated. All decorations are now put up minus the tree as I don't take it down until Old Christmas which is (from what I've been told, is 1-6). The wedding was beautiful. Holly represented the Canes very well! Lots of shout outs were given to the Canes before, during and after the wedding. You would all be very proud!
  7. Don't know who posted this but thanks. Unfortunately, we stayed at an Embassy Suites on 12-1 and yep, I drank from a glass there. I'll never do it again. I've seen reports on tv where investigators have taken in the black light (like the guys on CSI use). They have flashed the black light on the comforter and you can see all sorts of stains, which is pretty disgusting. From now on when I go to a motel while traveling, I'll completely unmake the bed throwing the covers and sheets in the corner. I'll go to Wallyworld and buy some sheets and just leave them there when I leave. The hotel can have them. I'll take some Clorox wipes for the sink handles, the toilet seat and the remote and my own plastic cups to drink out of. Really folks, its getting to the point where the only safe place is in one's home. Pretty sad, isn't it?
  8. When Crosby's face appears like he is a hockey player, with the scars, broken nose, etc. maybe MAYBE we'll even give this a second thought.
  9. I will tell her Marcus. I forgot your birthday buddy. I didn't forget it....it's marked on my calendar but she's had me so busy w/ her wedding. I do hope you had a wonderful day though. Take care sweetie
  10. I'm game w/ this..............I'm MamaCatofOne Wonder who that stands for
  11. Hello all..............LTNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Bonnie aka Bodyslam from last season. I've not had time to come to the boards but I'm back in full swing. The wedding is less than two months. I might not be able to come in as much as I did last season, but will still check in as much as I can. My blood is still running Hurricane Red ! Can't wait to see some of you at the games
  12. Bodyslam

    Boston Legal

    I always watch the show. One of my favorites! Yes. I saw the Cup. Denny Crane is craaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  13. oh.. sorry. well Larose scored but thats about it.. Hutch had a penalty and cole had a great break away but the puck jumped his stick at the last minute. And Grahams was great Sorry Caniac 24/7 but Cole scored in the breakaway. Just seen the Highlights of the game against Austria. COLESMASH JWillie with a Goal in tonigts Game against Norway. Canada won 4:2
  14. Almost makes me ashamed of being a Baptist but I'm no way anything like these folks. All we can do is shake our heads at them because they are not doing God's work. We have a loving God who does not hate. My thoughts and prayers are still with the brave souls who perished that day.
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