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  1. Great seats for price - Section 304, D7/D8, center ice, 2nd row, 3rd level, plus premium parking pass. Seats are unobstructed and have plenty of leg room. Full STH since 1999, looking for someone to split up to 1/2 the games. Price for seats and pass is my cost, $34.20 per seat plus $20 for premium parking. So one game is $88.40. My schedule is fairly flexible, so it's your choice of dates (within reason). If interested, please email Paul at spiz24@bellsouth.net
  2. 1. Date: Saturday, March 31, Canes vs Devils 2. Location: Section 304, Seats D7 & D8 (2nd row, 3rd level, center ice) 3. Face value of tickets: $42 Each 4. Asking price $60 (firm)for the pair, includes premium parking pass ($16 value) 5. Contact information: spiz24@bellsouth.net
  3. Wasn't sure I made it in time or not. Didn't see the contest until 6:55pm. Thanks for letting me in. Good luck to everyone.
  4. I'm a pessimist, too... a world class one. But it two games into the regular season you are questioning the teams brain trust and on the verge of declaring the season over, you are the champ. I thought we would start the season 1 - 3, with our only win against Tampa, and then we would settle down. We'll see.
  5. per the N&O http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/cole-out-4-6-weeks-with-broken-bone
  6. Some were high rollers to be sure, but a couple on there were original season ticket holders from the Greensboro days.
  7. Was disappointed to see that Goodberry's was gone. until my son reminded me that the Goodberry's missed the 2005/2006 season. There is a new ice cream stand, called Twisted Waffle or something like that, near section 116. One of the RBC staff said that this was an RBC owned and operated kiosk - meaning they keep all the profits I guess. They want to open one up on the 2nd floor but Hardies would have to give up a spot for that to happen.
  8. Per TSN http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=291079 Count on him for at least one goal --- all our former players score against us
  9. I'm a full STH since the 1999-2000 season and was in the second group (5:30pm Jul 15). I know a couple of people in the first group and both were original STHs.
  10. The player and team each propose salaries.... and and arbitrator decides the final amount. The hearings take place in late July or early August. The team and player can continue to negotiate/reach agreement up until the date of the hearing.
  11. Agree 100%, but there is another side to this. I sit in the 2nd row on the third level, section 304. With a couple of minutes left in the 3rd period of game three against Boston, some guy, who never comes to the games, decides to stand up and watch the rest of the game. Nobody else is standing in front of him (obviously, because he's in the front row), nobody else in the 1st row is standing, and nobody behind him is standing, at least in my row and the one behind me. So we have the lone stander. The lady behind me politely asks him to sit down, he ignores her, she asks again, he ignores her again, and then people start screaming at him to sit down, but he ignores that also. Following the conclusion of the 3rd, he turns around and starts mouthing off to the people behind him, and then about 10 of us let him have it verbally. Even his own friends didn't come to his defense. He must have felt threatened, because he didn't stand up during overtime. I guess the point here is that people need to be reasonable depending on what's going on around them. During Game 7 against Edmonton, they said the whole stadium was standing during the entire game. Not true. I was in the same seats I've had since 1999, and nobody in the first three rows were standing. I don't know what was going on higher up in the stands, but in our section people generally don't stand until the final minute or so. It doesn't make us any less of a fan than anyone else.
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    Great idea. Count me in for $25.
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    Nolan, you will have to come here and see/hear for yourself. The RBC Center rocks during the playoffs, and the noise level has been meaured as high as 130 decibels. I was at the game tonight, and it was as loud as any game during the cup run in 2006.
  14. Ray Whitney gave a shout out to the fans at the airport on Jim Rome show in the 2-2:30 time slot. He said there were a couple hundred thousand caniacs there. Rome asked him about the number.... was it really a 200 thougand fans there? Whitney said it seemed like it, or something like that. Clearly the players notice the support and appreciate it greatly.
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