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  1. Enough to cover DHL over Priority Mail. Between that and gas prices, I hope we can still afford our seats!
  2. I received my Canes logo plate in the middle of June. You are allowed four spaces with the logo. Mine says N4SR. The letters are blue.
  3. Although Rutherford may be shopping Anton for a second-round draft pick, the quote is actually Luke DeCock's opinion... and in MHO, I'd rather read an AP article than DeCock.
  4. Max, what is going on? We lost both games against the Bears? Please explain.
  5. We were in for about 15 or so Canes games and 2 Albany River Rats games! Go Rats!
  6. Another great quote in the N&O by Babchuk today...when will he learn to keep his mouth shut!
  7. Sorry, I ran my mouth without reading all the news last night. All the better for us! Albany will benefit having him for the rest of the year.
  8. It's nice to see the names we already know from the Rats roster but look further. Anyone remember Nicolas Blanchard from training camp last August. I was very impressed with the drive the kid showed. By the time he is ready for the NHL, the Canes might never see him, but he is definatley a name to remeber. Avery... It's Kevin Estrada not Eric! You slay me... Will miss you at spring RYHA. See you in the fall.
  9. I wouldn't say he was pouting while in Albany, I remember his record was 1 goal 6 assists in 8 games played. Max said he had an attitude the first game and after that, he skated his butt off. Him and Keith were racking up the goals! Being caught up in a numbers/contract game sucks! Anyone would be pissy. He handled it poorly, we are all over it and most are glad he is back. Move on! Move on! If you remember, Babs and Hutch sat on the bench the end of last season and all of the playoffs/finals/cup too. That's the was it is. Now that Wesley, Hedican and Gleason are all done, we may see our bench sitters sooner than you think.
  10. Chuck also stated after the first period that we had failed to score on a PP, and that was not unusual! Apparently he is just as fustrated as we are with our PP. Can't believe we pulled a win out of our hat! Was I the only one screaming?
  11. Babs said he wasn't feeling well. He was also the first off the ice and that is very unusal for him. He usually stay to shoot with Hutch, Dennis and McCarthy. Meanwhile, Anson Carter snuck out and went down the hill on the other side of the parking lot, talk about fish out of water. I saw you there TH24. Will be at games on the 6th and 7th.
  12. Guys, I am running late tonight. I guess Babs is a healthy scratch tonight? Should have left him in Albany, they could use him in their run for the playoffs too. What happened to Joe's helmet before the last commercial break?
  13. I am glad he is back! I also admit I am alittle surprised right now. He is getting alot of ice time in Albany and doing well too. Since the River Rats are going for the playoffs, I would have thought they would have liked him around for alittle while longer.
  14. Win Some... Loose Some... Sometimes it happens... W/B Scranton beat Albany River Rats tonight 3 to 2 in overtime. Both RR goals were scored by Dave Gove with assists on both by Anton Babchuk and M. Murley on one and M. Vernace on the other. Babchuk is 1 Goal, 6 Assists in 8 games played since being sent to Albany. Will try to post news article for Max tommorow. Booster club is running a trip to Saturday and Sunday nights games. Go River Rats!
  15. :thumbup: River Rats won tonight against Syracuse. Final score: 4 - 3 Goals scored by Aucoin with an assist by Anton Babchuk and another scored by Laaksonen with an assist by Babs! Way to go guys!
  16. Center Ice Rules! Don't know what we did without it. For the price of a family of 4 good seats, you get the whole season. Section 316 are good seats to me. When there are blackouts you can watch the other teams feeds. Haven't missed a game yet. Will be there tonight and with DVR the game too!
  17. Also just found a pic of Babs from the game on the Bridgport Sound Tigers site.
  18. Willis had hernia surgery a couple of weeks ago. Tangle...Just to keep you posted about Babs... Rats won tonight, Keith scored with an assist from Babs in the first minute of play! He is posting every game!
  19. TopShelf... You slay me...LOL...head in hands...shaking head... Bruins KILLED Tampa Bay 6 - 1 Yeah Baby!
  20. He scored again tonight. Rats beat Bridgeport 4 - 3 Keith scored with an Anton Babchuck assist in the first minute of the game! Glad to read we are keeping our AHL affiliation with the Rats. Was sorry to hear they would be staying in Albany. I had a pipe dream that they would move to Myrtle Beach, Ron Francis would Forward coach, Glen Wesley would D coach and Greg Steffan would Goalie coach. We would be spending alot of 3-day fall and spring weekends in Myrtle Beach!
  21. Yes. He has been getting quite abit of ice time and got an assist the other night agains the Norfolk Admirals. Looks like he as a couple of shots tonght too.
  22. Holy Cow! You should have seen that goal! I swear it was a lateral shot right along the goal line and it hit Wards skate and went in.
  23. River Rats vs. Bridgeport Sound Tigers 1 - 1 End of Second. Keith Acuoin scored 8 seconds in!
  24. Andy Sutton said they were going to put a little more pressure on our defensemen in the 3rd.
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