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  1. Another thing to consider if you get a ps3 you can pop out the hard drive and put in any standard internal hard-drive(the 360 can only take Microsoft's propriety hard drives) .Unfortunately the newer ps3's are not backward compatible. I know some people don't get why this is a big deal, but for me it is, mainly because there are several ps2/ps1 games that are outstanding and still worth playing. If you want to continue playing ps2 games try and see if you can get a first gen. ps3 on amazon or ebay, or best bet get a new ps2 for 99 bucks. My reasoning for choosing ps3 over the xbox include 1) most of the xbox games I want to play I can get on PC (fable, mass effect for example) 2) xbox has at least 35-45% failure rate according to research, which is unacceptable imo. 3) Game selection isn't to my liking with few games that I enjoy beyond fps.
  2. Michael Leighton will need some play time to stay fresh in case something does happen, but you don't want to break up cam when he is on a streak. Cam should know his limits better then anyone, and if he needs a break I don't think anyone will question it. I think 60-65 would be ideal for both players depending on injuries and what not. I know nothing about peters other then the small amount we saw last year and I can't make much of his numbers at Albany due to the season they had overall, but I bet we will get a good look at him in the pre-season.
  3. Its great for Luongo, but I can't help but wonder why GMs do this when they know good and well what can happen. A bad move in my eyes in the long run. I have a feeling the NHL may step in on this practice and put in some regulations, though I imagine the players union wouldn't be pleased.
  4. Famous last words Working in the IT field for a while, anything can happen when doing upgrades. I would assume that we would lose everything and be pleasantly surprised if not .
  5. If you believed any of what the articles lately about our fans: "straw hats required" "Spit your baccy in your can of cheerwine" "Checkered flags only" I agree that the "its a caniac thing" is lameeeeeeeee. hmmm, how about "Victory or death!" maybe a bit harsh... but a good motivator...
  6. according to the n/o he has family that lives here. http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/good-turnout-for-camp-brindy' target="_blank">http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/good-t...for-camp-brindy[/post]
  7. I don't think that is the point, that we can't watch the games, the point is a lack of coverage for the canes in the national spot-light that is more frustrating I think.
  8. Cool another wcu mate' finished up there a few years ago though
  9. We could be 82-0 at the end of the season and that tool wouldn't have us higher then 10th. I don't know why but he always has had something against the canes. Ross McKeon is awful, but the puck daddy blog on yahoo is good imo.
  10. the cabbie didn't have the 20 cents from the change I am assuming.
  11. couple of points 1) Clean up after yourself, bring garbage bags to take out or throw away what you bring in. 2) there are few restrictions regarding tailgating but this is from the RBC official rules page: TAILGATING is permitted; however, cars must occupy only one parking space. Use of grills must follow OPEN FIRES PROHIBITED guidelines. OPEN FIRES PROHIBITED The igniting of fires for any purpose whatsoever is prohibited on RBC Center property, except when allowed in grills provided by guests in the parking lots only. The use of grills is prohibited on sidewalks, near buildings with or without canopies or in any area where guests or property may be damaged.
  12. Ichigo-0

    I won :D

    cash it in and consider yourself lucky, the lottery is designed to take your money, make you feel like you won something, and take more of it. I know cause I use to work for them.
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