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  1. Wow. That was wonderful! Great job, and I, for one, loved the music selection! I watched your other ones as well...you certainly have a talent!! Thanks for doing those, and for sharing them.
  2. I was hoping when the Boston/Detroit game ended NBC would switch over the Carolina game, since it's in OT, but nooooooo. Grrr.
  3. Why is NBC showing the Boston/Detroit game in South Carolina????? WHY??????? Arggghhhhhh!!!!! :::::has hissy fit, as only a Southern lady can do::::::::
  4. What's that old saying? Quitters never win and winners never quit? And our 'Canes are certainly not quitters, so...there you go! Living where I do in South Carolina, TV access to the games has been limited lately. The only game I've seen in the last week or so is the one we won against Atlanta, and the way the team played that night, well, it was like watching last year's playoff 'Canes. They were all over the puck and the level of intensity was so strong...it gave me chills. So I know they 'can' play like that. And they know they can play like that. I didn't see the Ottawa games, so I'm not sure what happened there. But the potential is definitely there. I agree - there are a lot of games left, and a lot of talent and determination on our team, and I still think we have a really good shot at making it to the playoffs. So, no meltdown here...just patience and faith. Lots of it! This was my first full season of hockey, and I have enjoyed it so much, thanks to the 'Canes!
  5. Ray Whitney, no question. Tied for 2nd and 3rd..Brind'Amour and Cole.
  6. zmy daughter came in and commandeered the TV that has Center Ice (still!) on it, so I'm watching Atlanta/Montreal right now...Montreal 4, Atlanta 1!
  7. Amen to that! Every. Single. Commerical. Break. On Allllll the channels! That's sort of what alerted me to the fact that I wasn't seeing the 'preview' any more, because the puckheads were gloriously missing. I don't know how much longer my luck will hold, but I sure am enjoying it. Talk about addictive!
  8. Just want to add my thanks for the link to tvunetwork - that is so cool! Y'all folks on this message board know about everything, it seems!
  9. My superstition last year had to do with whether I watched the game on a certain TV or not. I work at home and often have to work at night. I have a small TV in the room where I work, and I recorded all of the playoff games on it. However, it wasn't until I did some major rearranging of furniture so that I could see the big TV in the living room from where I was working that the Canes started to win every game I watched. If my daughter was home and watching the big TV while I was stuck with the small one...yep, they lost. Needless to say, game 7 of the finals...I was off work that day and planted myself in front of the big TV and on the edge of my seat until the very end. It was sublime. This year - pretty much the same thing. Wish I lived close enough to have actual 'going to the game' rituals.
  10. Wow...2 short-handed goals on the same penalty. That's kind of rare, isn't it?
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