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  1. Great opinions. Matt is a trooper. I hope he heals quickly. When he was with hurricanes before I think he a a broken jaw and started wearing the new shield. Wish there were some type of suspensions and hope hits were not on purpose.
  2. I agree we an enforcer. Our team is getting pretty banged up and it is happening to our main scorers.
  3. I hope Williams has a good recovery. He has been having a pretty good year.
  4. Congrats welcome back fellow caniac fan
  5. Bottom line we all love hockey (Carolina Hurricanes that is) no matter what college basketball team you support.
  6. I am so ready for the season. I have my license plate on my car year round. I also have a hockey helmet I put in my window when hockey season starts. Go Canes.
  7. Great pictures. The one with Justin looked like he was having fun.
  8. I think vegas is a bad idea. There would be temptation of betting in a gambling city. Hope Predators stay in Nashville.
  9. I agree with other Caniacs, Erik is one tough guy. He has a lot of spirit and heart.
  10. I agree with all other Caniacs. I would rather fly below the radar. Sounds familar and see how that turned out. Good luck Canes and Caniacs. Let's have a shocker.
  11. Who needs NBC hockey and Canes will prevail. No offense Sid the Kid but I am tired of hearing about how great he is comparing him other great players. His head may swell.
  12. Hockey is the best but I am also a Panthers fan. I hope Jake does well.
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