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  1. Great opinions. Matt is a trooper. I hope he heals quickly. When he was with hurricanes before I think he a a broken jaw and started wearing the new shield. Wish there were some type of suspensions and hope hits were not on purpose.
  2. I agree we an enforcer. Our team is getting pretty banged up and it is happening to our main scorers.
  3. I hope Williams has a good recovery. He has been having a pretty good year.
  4. Congrats welcome back fellow caniac fan
  5. Bottom line we all love hockey (Carolina Hurricanes that is) no matter what college basketball team you support.
  6. I am so ready for the season. I have my license plate on my car year round. I also have a hockey helmet I put in my window when hockey season starts. Go Canes.
  7. Great pictures. The one with Justin looked like he was having fun.
  8. I think vegas is a bad idea. There would be temptation of betting in a gambling city. Hope Predators stay in Nashville.
  9. I agree with other Caniacs, Erik is one tough guy. He has a lot of spirit and heart.
  10. I agree with all other Caniacs. I would rather fly below the radar. Sounds familar and see how that turned out. Good luck Canes and Caniacs. Let's have a shocker.
  11. Who needs NBC hockey and Canes will prevail. No offense Sid the Kid but I am tired of hearing about how great he is comparing him other great players. His head may swell.
  12. Hockey is the best but I am also a Panthers fan. I hope Jake does well.
  13. nc4life61

    I'm Back!

    Welcome Back and good luck at college
  14. I would love to see Ward back. But Cole is here to stay. May could trade Dennis Seidenburg and an upcoming draft next season.
  15. Glad to see the boys are ready to get started and so is the Caniac nation. Sounds like it might be a great season so bring on the the storm that is the Carolina Hurricanes.
  16. Staal possibly Whitney, Williams, or Cullen. I hope there all the best as a majority of the other teams.
  17. I cast my vote to move our Canes up the pole
  18. I have too many favorites including Matt Cullen yes welcome back . Good luck guys.
  19. I have a correction I would like to chat with Caniacs during the season. The players can't they are busy
  20. I would love to chat with other Hurricane players during the season. Sounds good.
  21. Your fellow caniacs wish you and your family the best. We hope to keep up with you from down under. Caniac always. Go Canes. Good luck and have a safe trip.
  22. This is a very interesing post. It is ironic about Nascar in Canada and hockey in N.C. I quess it is the saying don't knock it till you try it. In our fans case watch it, learn about it. It is like we are trading sports events. Who knows it may work hockey for sure works in N.C. Maybe nascar will work in Canada.
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