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  1. I have a Mardi Gras puck, Cam Ward, for sale or swap, let me know if you are interested.
  2. Not sure why there is so much angst over the re-alignment. Does it make that much difference? You still have to win hockey games. As it is we can't win, so what's the big deal? Until the team gets better talent, the Canes will struggle no matter who is in their div/conf.
  3. I don't like this deal at all, Kaberle is way over priced for what he brings to the table. Very soft defensively and he disappeared in Boston, his specialty on the PP was forgettable at best.
  4. How's this hit warrant any more than what Chara recieved in the game? At best, it was a 2 min interference penalty. They gave him a 5 minute interference and a game misconduct. The NHL got this one right. The real issue is the turnbuckle itself and how it's padded. If you watch the play, Chara initially went for the puck and missed it and then finished the check. If he was head hunting intentionally, I don't think he would have tried to get the puck at all. Just my opinion.
  5. Savard has another test to pass today before he gets full medical clearance and then, like you say TSA, some serious reconditioning. He hasn't done a thing for almost two months. The Bruins have definitely brought their physical game and the defense is solid. It's been a good series to this point, and Miller is the reason this series isn't 3-0 Bruins. Rask is showing some nice poise for a rookie, and I'm liking the toughness on the puck that the B's are showing. I thought the Bruins would win this series in 6 and I still think that will happen.
  6. This is absolutely the worst trend I have seen yet. Do they sell those damn things in the Eye? If they do, they gotta stop, in fact, cowbells have to be banned from the arena. I swear, if the people around me next season have them, I'll give up my tickets.
  7. This deal is just a deal, not a great deal, not a big deal, just a nothing deal to maybe shake it up a little. That's the problem though, it's just the same old, same old. Much like Mo returning, who cares. Canes aquire Cole, big friggin' deal. Been there, done that with Mo and Cole. This team is really starting to bore me to death with it's much ado about nothing moves. JR should have stopped after aquiring O'Sullivan. I could have got behind that.
  8. How important is it to make the playoffs? It's everything, plain and simple. I almost don't even understand the question.
  9. Agreed forever, the Canes got outplayed and their lack of skating resulted in some stupid penalties. Were some calls bogus, sure, but they happen in every game. Considering the magnitude of the game, the Canes were surprisingly flat from the get. The good news is that the Canes still hold their own destiny with games over two clubs that are out of the playoff run at the RBC. All things considered, it really couldn't have been set-up much better for getting the job done and winning the division. The bad news is if they plan to play like they did last night, it won't matter who they play, cuz that won't get it done.
  10. I think that the Hurricane fan base is extremely fortunate to have Chuck Kaiton calling the games here. For my money, he's one of the very best in the biz. I look at the pronunciation as a "you say potahtoe, I say potaytoe" kinda thing. I still know who he's referring to, and I'm not listening to learn how to pronounce the players names.
  11. I thought Avery played a pretty smart game last night. Without Orr in the lineup and having his back, he plays a much less antagonizing game, with no hurry to drop his gloves.
  12. Hey Medford, I can understand that the offense of the Pats was the dominating factor in the success of the Patriots this season. I was just amazed that with a defense that ranked 4th overall for the regular season, it would be considered average, and not only by you, by many. I think that because the offense has been so dominant, it tends to overshadow and falsely depict the defense as average. I'm not saying this defense is as good as the 03 or 04 defense, but then again, they haven't had to be. It does seem though, when they've had to make the big stop, they've been able to, for the most part. I am of the thinking that this defense is very good, I can't really say there is a team out there whose defense I would rather have playing in Foxboro. This defense is capable of going 3-4, 4-3, many different looks, lots of smarts on that side of the ball. Underrated, for sure, imo.
  13. The Pats get my vote. I have to think that the Pats having two weeks to get ready and having just played them and gave up 35 doesn't bode well for the Giants. BB will have a very solid game plan to make sure another 35 aren't put up the second time around. The Giants have had a great post season, but I don't see them winning this game. I've always respected Tom Coughlin, going way back to when he coached at BC, but sorry Tom, when push comes to shove, BB gets the win.
  14. I have to laugh when I read "against an average NE defense". Look at the numbers, NE's defense is arguably the best defense remaining of the four teams left, and one of the top four defenses in the league. The Pats will win this game going away, by a 2 touchdown minimum, and I won't be shocked if it's a outright blowout, not that a 2 TD win wouldn't be! Go Pats!
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