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  1. Thank you everyone for all the help so far. We are definitely planning on getting to RBC around 4-5 pm; mostly, because I want enough time to go to the Eye before the game. I guess the only reason I wanted to get tickets in advance was to make sure it doesn't sell out. I just didn't want to get all the way there, counting on there still being tickets at the box office and finding out it was sold out.
  2. Hey everyone, been a while since I posted here, but eager to get back into the conversations here. I have been a fan of the franchise since my dad started taking me to Whalers games since before I can even remember (Gordie Howe days, he tells me). But since I left New England in 1991, I have never seen my team play a home game. Been to many, many games in Tampa, but never been in a whole building of fans of my favorite team. But now, as a Christmas present, my wife wants to take me to RBC Center for a game; the Friday, December 23 game vs the Sens. And I just had a few questions seeing as how I have never been to a game in Raleigh and I'm hoping some of you fellow Caniacs can help me out a bit. Please excuse any stupid question I ask, like I said, I have never been to a game in Raleigh. 1. What end of the arena do the Canes shoot at twice during the game? We're probably just going to get tickets in the 300 level and when I sit that high up at a game, I prefer to at least be sitting where their offensive zone is twice. 2. Since it's kind of last minute, which way of purchasing tickets do you all think would be the best: Just going through TicketMaster online, the TicketMaster Ticket Exchange or just getting tickets at the box office on the day of the game? I don't have enough time to have tickets mailed to me, so I would either need to do will call or just get tickets around game time. 3. Parking. Is it something I can just pay in cash when I get there or is it included in the ticket price? 4. And along the lines of parking, how early should I get there? We are leaving the morning of the game and we're driving from Gainesville FL (about 8-8.5 hours driving), I just want to make sure that we don't miss puck drop. That's pretty much it. In advance, thank you all for any help or advice you can pass along. I have been waiting for the opportunity to be in a building of fellow Caniacs for far too long and can't wait!
  3. http://blogs.newsobserver...-but-gleason-should-play chip posted this a little while ago, according to coach mo, we may see mcbain and gleason tonight. or no mcbain at all. we'll see as we get closer i suppose, but coach mo said he expects gleason to play tonight. it's a big game; if they leave it up to #6, he'll play. but i really look forward to seeing mcbain play. hope he is in the lineup tonight. hope they both are.
  4. Just saw on the Hotstove on Hockey Night in Canada, that teams have called about Pitkanen and Rutherford said he's not available. According to Elliotte Friedman, Rutherford also is planning on re-signing Whitney, not trading him. Friedman said these two statements and pretty much nothing else because they were wrapping up the last minute of the segment.
  5. i don't think two games is such a bad idea. not a lot of sports on that day and most folks have the day off. there are always some bowl games, but each year, the big bowl games seem to be further and further away from the 1st. so why not have two outdoor games on the 1st to try to attract more viewers? seems okay. calgary would make sense in that they could show game 1 in boston then show the western canadian game a little later, but still play the game in the sunlight with the three hour difference. don't really mind the league getting the caps into that high profile game. think the rangers makes sense in the boston/new york rivalry sense, but they probably want to use the rangers in a new year's game at yankee stadium in the next couple of years. i think the caps, and namely, ovechkin, being in the new year's day game is a great way to attract other sports fans who rarely watch hockey. i think the league should showcase their two time hart/pearson/richard winner (which goes with his ross trophy from last year as well). he's a threat every time he's on the ice and would bring in a good amount of viewers that normally might not watch. with the spotlight on the outdoor game (or games), i think the league needs to use as many of their exciting young players on that day as possible. maybe if the caps aren't scheduled this year, they can play a home outdoor game soon, in dc at that new park the nationals have. and maybe the opponent can be the canes. why not? division rival. eric staal. cam ward. and an outdoor classic could really raise the canes' national profile. but two games is quite set in stone yet. today on tsn, darren dreger is reporting that glenn healy, nhlpa director of player affairs, had no idea at all that calgary officials and the nhl had even discussed the possibility of a second jan 1 game. still needs to be voted on by the nhlpa. dreger story on tsn
  6. there's also darcy hordichuk not wanting to sign here after the canes traded with the preds to get the rights to negotiate with him before free agency began. could add him to this list, i suppose.
  7. think the other guy being referenced is matt murley.
  8. yeah, very good thread to start, with the broadcasts now switching to vs and possibly nbc. having center ice and listening to so many other teams' broadcasts, canes bias aside, john and tripp are two of the best in the league. to their credit, john and tripp always sound quite knowledgeable about the other teams, not just their identities, but also the style of game they play, line combinations and coaching staffs. i can't tell you how times this year, when the other teams' feeds were available, i've heard that jarkko ruutu, mike eaves and any number of staals were on this team. in one of the games that jakub petruzalek suited up, the announcers tried the name a couple of times, weren't even close, then said "tonight, his name is jake!". that game broadcast focus, combining their knowledge of the entire league and their view on the canes, puts the fsn carolinas team consistently among the best in the nhl. i'm thankful for every "john and tripp with you as always" broadcast i get to see.
  9. coach mo on nhl live just said that rod took a deflected clear to the face (ouch) and got split open pretty bad, got stitched up and the staff were in the process of figuring out if they would put him back in when the game ended. he isn't "fresh" today (that's coach mo's word), but they are hopeful he'll be ready to go on monday!
  10. no kidding! that and all the times doc and chico told us that every single staal played for the canes, at some point. i swore i heard jordan and jared during game 7. and that jarkko ruutu scored the first goal. i was spending every moment waiting for the center ice feed to switch on, repeating, "please...john and tripp" over and over, before getting msg almost every time they chose to show only one of the two feeds. i know emrick is an institution, and i don't mind him on vs. but listening to him call the local broadcast of a devils game drives me bonkers. then again, being so far from carolina, at least with center ice, i get to see the games. and i think tripp is just fine.
  11. most of it has been said already, and i agree with it. i got a feeling in the third, when the devils broke in 2 on 1. and cam stopped the shot and fired it into the corner with a little extra on it. right at that moment i thought that there is no way cam is going to allow another goal in this game. and my fiancee asked with about five minutes left in the 2nd whether or not i thought the canes could come back. without hesitation, i said of course they can. the way this team has played for the last two months or so, they cannot be counted out until the clock has all zeroes on it. and it was really nice to see that i had faith in this team for a good reason. and it was the loudest i've been watching a game in my living room since the cup went up in #17's hands. after staal scored (and i woke up the neighbors), i ran back to my room and threw on my #12 alternate jersey over the jersey i already had on. for a series that never really made it to the national airwaves, it was a classic. one of the best goaltending duels i've ever seen.
  12. Thanks again, Whaler. Let's hear what you all have to say, Caniacs! And I apologize for any typos above. I checked it as quick as I could.
  13. i agree. i just watched the replay of that show on nhl network and clicked here to talk about the same thing, pretty much. it was in reference to the st. louis blues and paul kariya. he is scheduled to return to the lineup for their series vs. the canucks. it's been talked about for the last couple of weeks how he's never felt better than he did after this surgery, which was done by the same doctor gaborik saw for his hip. and as soon as he's ready to go, he'll be back. but hearing lavi say that he wouldn't rush players back from injury, so as not to risk ruining current team chemistry with the players that got you there... :blink:
  14. tough call. i got a nice chad larose figure holding the cup from the everblades (love the detail on the hat he's wearing, same one from the ice that night and the one i ordered online days later). my fiancee surprised me with a black #12 jersey for the holidays this year that's high on the list. i got a bunch of gear from one of the regulars i used to wait on at the restaurant i used to work at, mostly hats, pins, decals, but it was an amazing gesture on their part. gotta go with my red canes jersey with the autographs. we got locker room passes in tampa years ago and i have signatures from francis, wesley, maurice, coffey, irbe, o'neill and six others. francis also signed the whalers hat i wearing too. but that jersey is the one. i wore it all through the 02 and 06 playoff runs and it's still the jersey i reach for first. and kudos to starting this thread. reading through everyone's favorite canes things had me more pumped up for tonight's game that i already was.
  15. yeah...he signed an 11 year extension before this season (i think), but the no-trade clause on his deal doesn't kick in until this july. i think the way this season has played out so far in tampa might make a player think twice about the next ten years of his career. not just with the melrose firing, but also with the way the roster is in constant flux.
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