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  1. I think that even though the Canes had a rough night last night that they are going to bring it againt PHX sorry i cant spell but um... I think we are going to bring our game tonight and hopefully come out with a win! I am going to make a prediction that the Canes will win Carolina Hurricanes- 3 PHX Coyotes- 1 LETS GO CANES!
  2. Hahhah if I am going by my experiences with NHL 07 then the score would be Carolina Hurricanes-20 Pittsburgh Penguins- 2 but if I am going by real life hahah then I am gonna say Caroina Hurricanes-5 Pittsburgh Penguins-2 LETS GO HURRICANES!
  3. I love those cards I would most deffinatley buy them I think it should be: J- Mike Commodore w/ a fro K- Rod Brind'Amour or Ron Francis and then idk 4 the others hah! But i really liek those cards and if u can get past the legal stuff then ill most deffinatley get some! x3
  4. I think the Canes are going 2 kick it into gear and realize they are playing the Leafs and cant lose so its going 2 be Canes: Canes-4 Leafs-1
  5. COME ON CANES ITS THE LEAFS WE CAN MOST DEFFINATLEY BEAT THEM! and if we didnt I think would cry! We cant lose 5 games in a row thats just crazy! and... im not sure cuase I dont keep up w/ the leafs but arnt they on a 7 game losing streak?? If we play our game and put Cam in I think we can most deffinatley take home a victory
  6. I dont like Grahame in goal but.. I mean Cam is still a rookie and we were goin on a 4 game loosing streak and maybe Coach Laviolette was thinking that Ward needed a break?? Trust me I would much rather have seen Ward in there than Grahame but at the same time hes a good goalie, mayb not as good as Cam, but I do agree that he turns over many pucks. Cam is no doubt more calm and goal and I hope 2 see him in goal the next game!
  7. Icant beleive this game is not being televised! Its a hugee game and it deff. should be on tv =[ but now I am going 2 have 2 listen to the radio which i dont like doing cuase i usually have no idea then whats going on! But I think if the canes play like they have been playing and continue to put the puck in the net then we can beat buffalo! We have already lost 2 the them 2 times and if we lose 2 them again the worlds gonna come 2 an end!! So lets go hurricanes! :!:
  8. I think LaRose has done awesome! I mean yes he has some puck handling problems! But every player has their downs and ups! But his speed is amazing he might not be massive and tall but he sure can get by defensemen! He also could work on his shot! But he is a nice person and he is a great assit to the team in my opinion
  9. I think if we play our game and crash the net then we will most deff. win this 1!!! LETS GO HURRICANES!!! WOOHOO!!
  10. I thought that the NJ game was really good on our part! We handled the puck well and put preassure on there goal! But in the Shootout Im sry but I thought we sucked horribly! Like Erik Cole slipped the puck, and everyone missed and Brodoure is to good of a goalie to do some wimpy fake that no one would fall for! I mean in the overtime I was out of my seat we had soo... many chance but Brodoure kept them in the game! But ever sense Matt Cullen left we have been crap in shoot outs! But I was soo.. happy when Brindy kept us in the shootout he made a nice shot! And Cam Ward has been improving a lot on his shootout playing! But during the game we did great I thought and I think that Babchuk should have taken a shot and ripped it! He has good enough puck handling skill that I think if he got a decent fake and got his power on the puck then he would make it =] But overall I thought we had a good game against The devils =]
  11. I am ready 4 Cory 2 be bak... this will really help the Canes ecspecially on Power plays! I am really estatic 4 him 2 return :-) 8)
  12. The thing 4 me is I have never been a huge fan of David Tanabe and prob. never will be. I think he has been doing okay but he is nothing compared to Aaron Ward, who I think was a huge lose for us. I like Anton Babchuk though and think he will fill in good! I also agree that Wesley is losing a little bit of steam but not to much I still think he is a lot better then Tanabe and I am huge fan of Wesley! He goes to my church and I know his family and I liek his hockey style! But over all I am not extremely happy that Tanabe is back in Carolina. I wish Ward would have stayed. But Mike Commodore, Tim Gleason, Wesley, and Babchuk have the defense so I think we are doing good defensivly.
  13. I think that Cam Ward is going to start games, becuase hes doing really good this season! But Grahame is a very capable goalie and good! So if Ward ever has a down game ((which doesnt happen often)) then Grahame is a good backup! Maybe he will start the game Saturday against the Senators! But I think as long as Cams on his hott streak he will be starting most of the games.
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