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  1. Per Chip's latest blog entry, Gary Bettman is coming to the RBC to make the announcement. I can't imagine him coming to Raleigh to say "Hey, we gave the game to Pittsburgh, aren't you pumped for them?"... http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/rutherford-bettman-to-make-all-star-game-annoucement-here-thursday
  2. It was Ryan Whitney. Don't feel bad jamminjoeyb, most of the announcers can't keep Ray and Ryan straight, either.
  3. Hey - I know the Caniacs in the video!!! They sit a few seats down from us at the games!!! I knew they were at the Olys, but AWESOME that they got to go to that game!!!
  4. Although not an arena comment, I do have a personnel comment. Does anyone else find the new female announcer who tag teams with Ron the Ref to have an annoying, squeaky, fingernails on chalkboard kind of voice or is it just me?
  5. In Chip's Twitter update he said Cam was back at practice today.
  6. So, based on 5 winners (per the announcement) these are very good odds for the people that have bought tickets so far! I'm assuming that since there is only one date listed for the dinner that all 5 couples and Ray will be at the same dinner?
  7. Hurricanes exhibition schedule released
  8. Actually, he WAS at the game last night. He was in press row just above Sections 327/328. Just before the game started most of us in that general vicinity gave him the chant normally reserved for opposing goalies ("Ryan....Ryan....Ryan...You suck!). He did a nice job of acting like he didn't hear it, just like he apparently doesn't hear how loud the crowd is. (I do have to give the guy props for his very nice Jussi article in the Boston Globe today though - love the bit about little Jussinas. http://http://www.boston.com/sports/hockey/bruins/articles/2009/05/09/oh_baby_ex_castoff_has_dominated/' target="_blank">Ex-castoff Jokinen has dominated[/post] ) ETA: link doesn't seem to be working, but the article can be found from Boston Globe sports section online.
  9. I believe that's the point Bob aka superdave. The Boston poster cast stones when they aren't sold out either.
  10. I didn't realize that Allan Muir posted here under the screen name StaalFTW.
  11. Why??? So we can get knocked out in the second round like they did? <_<
  12. http://www.arturs-irbe.de/images/510.jpg' target="_blank">You mean like this?[/post]
  13. The loser that I just spoke to said it isn't showing up because the Hurricanes owner chose to black it out. :angry:
  14. It was "You Lift Me Up". Josh Groban's version is probably the most recognizable.
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