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  1. I'm not angry, im mad as a hornet! Too many times do they blow games whn they have momentum coming in. I refuse to call the players out just because I know I can't do any better.
  2. The team just gave up....when you squander a 5 on 3 for more than a minute, you deserve the loss.
  3. Losing to the Bill's?...not gonna happen
  4. I blame Richards for taking a retard penalty in OT. Atlanta fed off his mistake
  5. Hey Irish, you in box is full. I plan on going tomorrow so send me a pm regarding the situation.
  6. I always get a little nervous starting a goaltender against his previous club. That having been said. The whole team sucked something awful tonight. Minus Whitney, Jwill, Seidenburg, Hammy and Cam Ward lol
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