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  1. My finger ...... is on the button
  2. We've got several game used sticks, and also a team signed Sherwood stick from the 2006 Championship. Also some signed pucks. Today we found a Oklahoma City Blazers commemorative stick in an antique store in Oklahoma City. The Blazers are no more unfortunately, but OKC is trying to get an AHL team.
  3. [quote name='super-dave-1 wrote: CamWardSaysNo'] I bought 4 CPAs last night...cold and delicious. Four beers at one game? Don't you love to show off your money. I've got a beer on layaway that I hope to enjoy about Feb. for my birthday. On the four beers I wasn't thinking so much about the money as much as I was hoping this person is not driving. Not sure why anyone needs to drink 4 beers at a game, but it's really none of our business unless of course he's one of those people that annoy the crap out of me because they drink 4 beers. We had a guy near us last night that every time Crosby touched the puck he yelled at the top of his inebriated lungs.....OVERRATED! I was hoping Crosby would score just to shut his pie hole. On another arena topic, it is now officially time to end the Family Feud contest. That sucks so bad, I may start drinking four beers just to tolerate it. I'll make sure I have a designated driver.
  4. Well, that's 3:34 of my life I'll never get back. She is one of the worst interviewers I've ever heard. If I was her I'd be completely embarrassed to have that posted on the internet.
  5. I noticed she didn't make an appearance on opening night. We'll see if she's back Tuesday. I vote NO! One other note for the between period "entertainment". For the Linda Craft segment, put the house puzzle thing that you're supposed to be trying to watch on the big screen, and please move Linda to the small screen. Please oh Please!!
  6. Yes, I've always liked hearing the continuous chants at other arenas. The 3 times then you suck cheer is over before the whole crowd can really get into it. If you keep going, eventually the whole place will be going. It is also pretty stupid to start the you suck cheer when the Canes are getting beat 2-0 and their goalie is standing on his head. Yeah, he really sucks. Kind of like those people that start doing the wave in a close game. So the "you suck" people are going to stick to their guns, but everyone else just keep going and eventually maybe it will catch on like every other arena in the NHL. Ok, I know it's not done everywhere, but it is at quite a few of them.
  7. Great....now we get to see the "cockroach on skates" 4 times a year. I wish I could claim that one, but we heard someone on XM 204 call him that.
  8. Here's a link to the audio.... http://www.wralsportsfan.com/hurricanes/au...related=3297567
  9. Maggie picked us over the Bruins. http://tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?id=11809''>http://tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?id=11809' target="_blank">http://tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?id=11809[/post] I like us not getting picked by almost anyone. Reminds me of another year recently......
  10. Great video.....I think the best moment (other than the goal itself) is when they announce the #1 star of the game at 3:49. "And tonights #1 star....Scott Walker" And then Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. SWEEEEEEET. Nothing could be finah, than a series winning goal from Carolinah. Woooooowoooooooowoooooooooo!!!
  11. Soft goals ??? No way can you blame Cam. Goal 2 he never saw the puck, screened by our guy and their guy, Goal 3 the pass should have never gotten there, someone ( like anyone of the 3 guys he skated by) should have drilled Lucic so he could never make that pass, and Goal 4 Gleason HAS to stop that pass in front of the net. And since on Goal 1 Babs ran him over, I don't see any fault in Cam's game at all.
  12. Our fans aren't the worry for Game 6. Word on the street is that Boston is sending down Slashin' Granny, an 83 year old bruiser. She'll be wanting some revenge for the Walker punch on Ward. Watch out Dancin' Granny.
  13. Yeah, major collapse. Just like game 4. Playing to not lose. And so much for their supposed "great" fans. I watched the game and after Chicago went up late in the third, you could have heard a pin drop in there. The completely turned on the team. Pelted the ice with coins and who knows what else that caused a 5 -10 minute delay after a late penalty that basically sealed it. They had guys all over the place cleaning up the ice like after a hat trick. Amazing. I think you'll see Chicago and Detroit in the WCF which would be an interesting series if it happens.
  14. They aren't on local TV that you can pick up with an antenna, you have to have the Fox Sports Carolina's sports package. The games are blacked out on Versus because the games are carried locally by Fox Sports. Just tell Dish you want the sports package that gives you all the Fox sports networks.
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