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  1. i hope they play very well on this road swing... it,s great to see stillman back in action..... i,m keeping my ingers crossed for a win and a great effort by all.
  2. attendance will be fine afterall this is tobbacco road where basketball lives .. tarheel fan here lovin hockey and hopeful for more hockey games to go see in person in the future.....there is such a thing called fairweather fans and i aint one of them...it,s the holiday season too so that might have something to do with it..
  3. hopefully they can get something going from this... having fun is what it,s all about the rest of the season.. i hope they can get after it again on saturday..
  4. i figured going in that cam needed a break and give grahme some minutes. i would like to see cam in the net but if coach wants john grahme in there i,m sure he can rebound...i hope regardless of whos goaltending i hope they step it up.
  5. it,s like getting to the top of the mountain the second time around is alot tougher than the first,in otherwords once you,ve been there they feel a little complacency setting in ,one night they show up the next they don,t but i,m not going to say that winning another cup would be awesome cause it sure would be awesome but what i,m trying to say is in a long 82 game season where teams you have beaten last year during your playoff pops on your schedule they circle that date when carolina comes callin.and then you add the fact they are defending stanley cup champions has something to do with it too. not to forget the new signees this year it takes time especially with some new blood from last year. time and time will take care of all laviolette will get this club going i,m sure of it. other teams have improved themselves as well.look at the steelers from last year to this year all i can say is what a difference a year makes.. so whatever it takes again this year ...
  6. you put cam wards #30 +gleasons #8 minus 1 you have my age of 37 and holding....
  7. me too i would love to put something together or have someone who does it alot better than me to do it for me.. the canes logo with the ring would look awesome... inquiry minds want to know..
  8. i hope tonight they can play with the energy we are acustomed to seeing them play. they need a feel good game to get something started... go canes..
  9. who knows what thursday holds forthe canes but i,m seeing cam back at the net but it will be a tough game nonetheless .. the canes seem to have a hard time at home lately so i would say 4-2 havs .. go canes..
  10. this team is hot and cold right now and they better find some consistency . it,s all about coming together at the right time and knowing everybody you face will bring their best effort cause you are the champs now.. i guess having 3 days off didn,t do us any good but as long as they get it together and still there are alot of games yet to go and the season is still infront of the canes...but it,s getting bout that time..especially at home..
  11. i would go along with that too. play your best.. 3-2 carolina ......
  12. i was thrilled by the effort the whole team put out but again this is a long season and all i hope for is for this team to get hot at the right time no matter who,s goaltending. the season thus far has been up and downcwith a few more ups ...cam has been up and down this year as was mentioned but again they need to peak at the right time and it,s still early yet but i liked what i saw in boston..
  13. if the team likes it i like t. i like the red jerseys...and the flag wouldn,t look bad at all in the center in place of the eye but the eye is where it needs to be only thing is they need to set it in motion on the jersey,lol... red for me..
  14. yeah i saw that too... i guess it,s the thought that counts huh. great game and it looked as if the team had a good flow today.. john was solid at the net too.
  15. the sports gods must be evil to sabre and his beloved teams in buffalo... yeah that banner looks great doesn,t it i meant to say our banner looks sweeeet... be glad when stillman comes back but they have done pretty well thus far..
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