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  1. Any official word on what it is? CBS Sports reported that his "season is over."
  2. Other than Levy and Melrose, who at ESPN knows anything about hockey?
  3. I heard that he was asking for $5M, but we were offering $4M. Can't confirm the factuality of that hearsay.
  4. Let's remember something here, shall we? This is a business. A business that's about winning - winning the Stanley Cup - and that means that business decisions must be made. And business decisions are sometimes difficult and not popular, but, for the good of the team/organization, they must be made, nonetheless. Yes, Jeff was a goal scorer (when on a decent line) and a popular player, but he had his on-ice weaknesses too, as have been discussed. The bottom line is that the time had come to make a business decision. He wasn't the type of player that Rod wants on the roster, and Jeff knew that, hence, he was willing to be traded. And when you're re-tooling a team with so much young talent, you simply don't keep someone around that isn't part of that long-term plan, as that can do more damage than good - on the ice and off. As far as our "getting fleeced," none of us truly knows what was offered by other teams, but we do know that a winning team requires chemistry, and that Rod wants his players to compete at a certain level and intensity. It's possible that we were offered a better option, but that player(s) may not have been a good fit for what Rod is building. Possible, but not probable. I'm more inclined to believe that the other teams recognized Jeff's weaknesses - the weaknesses that many on this forum refuse to acknowledge, because he was a goal scorer and "a nice guy." So, we got what we got, and now we don't have to hear any whining, halfway through the season, about strife between Rod and Jeff, Jeff wanting out, etc... A business decision was made. Some turn out well. Some don't. If Pu turns out to be a valuable asset, then all will be forgotten (at least, by most), but if not, then all the haters can say "I told you so!" Regardless, I thank Jeff for his time here, and I wish him nothing but the best in Buffalo.
  5. Thanks for the update!
  6. Apologies if this is old news, but has the new goal song been revealed?
  7. Much tougher and better defensive player than Faulk. Even though he's a R, I think that Faulk is the likely candidate to go.
  8. We just signed LHD Calvin de Haan.
  9. 8 years younger with more upside potential for $1.5M less. Cam is on the down-side of his career.
  10. Idk. He sounded a little whacked-out to me. I almost expected him to let out a psychotic giggle.
  11. Are you &^%$#!@ kidding me?! He sounded a bit facetious and sarcastic.
  12. Ever noticed how pastey white her upper body and face is, but her legs look "tanned" through the holes?
  13. He might be a good coach, but he's NOT a good head coach.
  14. A marked improvement in what?! #&%^!@ sure not the team's record each year, or where finished in the division.
  15. I think Dundon has already made that decision. I think that he fires Mr. Kinetico Water, after the last game.
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