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  1. Congrats to young Skinner on a job well done. I'm definitely a proud Caniac residing in the peach state.
  2. Congrats to the Bs and their fans. Just can't say enough about Thomas he is definitely the man. Seeing him hoist the cup was priceless. Happy retirement to Mark well deserved.
  3. Skinner looked great in the pics. It's nice to see another young star being promoted other than Sid and Ovie.
  4. Congrats to Team Thomas and the boys on getting this series to Game 7. Go Bs!!!
  5. Looking forward to this series. Hoping Big Joe and the boys come up big in this series.
  6. Hope the Preds have a better showing next game. Rinne definitely kept them in the game. Go Preds!
  7. Congrats to Lavi and the boyz on taking down the slugs!
  8. Right about now I would love being a nervous wreck and biting my nails. Go Bolts!!
  9. Congrats to the Sharks on sealing the fate of the Kings.
  10. May God Bless the family during their time of sorrow.
  11. I would much rather see a younger team at least the expectations won't be as high as they were this past season and the two seasons after winning the cup with the core guys.
  12. I was also suprised with this dumb move. If the Blues can get Halak signed hopefully he can help bring them back being a competitive team once again.
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