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  1. You dispute bettman being an idiot? Ok.
  2. I was kidding. The obvious answer is Bettman is an idiot.
  3. Why is there hockey in the south? Some questions will never be answered. It was kinda fun for a while...
  4. When did I say 1 star was enough? The pens couldn't beat ottawa with crosby malkin and staal (although ottawa has it's stars too). I just like watching stars play their game.
  5. Larose was thrown on a line with GOOD players and benefited. Arguing with you canes fans is an exercise in futility.
  6. Hey, I happen to be a fan of staal. I think it's great he's gotten his act together this year. AO is doing what is needed to win--clutch plays. Apples to oranges. Besides, lots of hockey to be played.
  7. I'd liked to have seen a shootout between these two.
  8. He blows the lead and gives up 5 goals and you want to give him a star? lol
  9. yawn Give me the oil of the 80's or detroit or colorado of the 90's or pittsburgh today any day.
  10. For him, indeed. Glad we could come to an agreement.
  11. 4-4 this is nuts, and good for me. I just grabbed toskala and need raycroft to blow the lead and the game. Also have max and spacek and sundin.
  12. Team canada is team canada, the past is the past, and AO is a hockey god right now.
  13. Not interested, neither is anyone else in any other pro league.
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