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  1. Yep, you can register at the event Sunday morning. It's $30 to register on race day.
  2. Well I don't know anything about the Relentless bands, but if you can't participate in the Friesen 5K you can still register (meaning, donate money, which is the main thing) online.
  3. Friesen 5K is Sunday! Come on! It'll be a blast! Run, walk, sit, eat pancakes, maybe win some cool stuff ... and do something for a good cause.
  4. Online registration is now available.
  5. We can all do something. Move, talk, write, give $, whatever. And it all matters a lot.
  6. Indeed, GSBG. Excellent point. And to look at it another way, we can also say 'Think about what the people suffering from leukemia or lymphoma go through. Get up and run for them. Because you can. Or if you can't run or walk in the event (I know I can't run a 5K), then pitch in $25 and go eat some free pancakes for them. Or pitch in $25 and don't attend the event at all, but know that your money is doing some good for them. Or if you can't pitch in $25, help spread the word about the event for them.' Bottom line = just do something. Because you can. Thanks, folks.
  7. The Friesen 5K is on! Sunday, September 14. Just $25 to do some good for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Eastern NC. You don't have to run 5K, you don't even have to walk. Just send your registration and be there if you can. Sitting in a lounge chair for charity does just as much good as running. Or if you can't be there in body, be there in spirit. Spread the word, folks! Assorted Hurricanes (past and present) will be there. There is a pancake breakfast. And there will be drawings for photo opportunities and great hockey shwag. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?servic...ge&id=23300
  8. Don't care who wins this game now. Best to Zednik. And to Jokinen. Terrible accident.
  9. Here's the schedule for Canes Corner http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?servic...rticleid=340173
  10. Justin Williams was the latest guest. It's linked here http://www.wral.com/sports/999thefan/audio/1983172/
  11. Bendyboy, do you know if they have a museum store with any Canes stuff for sale?
  12. 1,400 people attended the event - up 200 from last year - and they raised $30,000. Wow. http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/index....p;tb=1&pb=1
  13. The turnout was amazing. And the look on Brind'Amour's face while he was on stage summed it up. Thanks everyone, for going, making a donation and/or spreading the word.
  14. http://www.newsobserver.com/796/story/696539.html Looks like most if not all of the team is expected to be there. Can someone edit the title of this thread to indicate this? Anything to get more attention for this cause. Thanks in advance.
  15. Just heard that registration is at about 700. More should register today and they anticipate a lot of people showing up to register at the event. Keep spreading the word, folks! And remember, you don't have to run the 5K. You can run one mile, you can walk the whole 5K or you can sit in the grass and enjoy the morning. Just come out for a good cause. Thanks everyone!
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