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  1. Amen! I never gave up last night and won't start giving up now. Not until the final scores have been tallied Thursday night. I know the Bruins have some good veteran leadership, but so do the Canes. Rod Brind'amour and Ray Whitney sit in that locker room, and so do many guys that have gotten all the way to the Holy Grail of hockey! They can do it. The leaders need to and will take control of this. They need to believe in their game and play it with absolute conviction. Even if you go back to 2006, the Canes lost a game on home ice in every series but New Jersey, and they had to score with 3 seconds left to avoid that. Two losses at home to Montreal. One loss at home to Buffalo. One loss at home to Edmonton. Losing a home game isn't the end of the world, and yes, Boston has climbed out of a 3-1 hole to force a Game 7, but that's all they have done at this point. They haven't finished the climb. It's not over.
  2. Totally agree. The key to this series is going to be for Ward to continue playing like he played in Round 1 and defense - defensive zone coverage and how our defenseman handle the puck in their own end. In the games the Canes dominated against New Jersey (most of Game 4 and Game 6), they did a great job with that. But earlier in the series, our defenseman gave the puck away a lot. I thought last night wasn't quite as bad, but it was getting close. Lots of sloppy passes, failed clears, and giveaways or near giveaways. If the Canes can continue to get the goaltending from Ward and good play on the back end, I think they will be tough for anyone to beat.
  3. I'm 100% certain FS CAR carried the conference semis in 2002 against Montreal, because I remember the Canes didn't get national coverage until Conf Finals against Toronto. In '02, that was still under the ESPN TV deal. Trying to recall 2006, I'm pretty sure FS CAR had the conference semis against the Devils?
  4. The problem is, no one knows for sure when Cullen will be back. And I wouldn't think Williams would be back during the regular season and maybe not even the playoffs if the Canes make it. He was injured around Christmas and was projected 4-6 months. If Cullen is out for an extended period of time, last night was nice, but I don't think they can sustain and continue to get by without making a move to get at least a serviceable NHL center.
  5. Chris Berman was at Game 5, if I recall correctly. Ric Flair was also in attendance that night. Cuba Gooding, Jr. was also at Game 7. They kept playing "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" over the PA...... I believe Mia Hamm may have been at one of the games, as well. Maybe same night Steve Smith was there.
  6. I didn't get to watch much of the game last night, so not sure if this is related. But I was at the Philly game on New Year's Eve..... I think it was not long after Cole drew a hooking call in the second period that I noticed that he was grimacing and feeling around the area of his hip/waist. Also noticed he seemed to be getting tended to by the trainers in that general area from time to time while he was on the bench. He certainly didn't look himself Sunday night. Not much of that classic burst out of him.
  7. I just got my first issue last week. Was surprised to see it. Kind of cheesy, but if it keeps coming, I'll continue to read it cover to cover.
  8. This might sound crazy, cause he's not known as a great finisher, but what about Kevyn Adams in shootouts? At least he can get creative with the puck. I'm tired of watching Staal fire wrist shots into the opposing goalie, and Cole is too predictable - seems the only way he can finish one is on that backhand up high. Whitney was money in that format last year. Think I like Walker there cause of his release. I'd like to see what Belanger can do there, as well. Both shootouts this year have looked UGLY, and those points add up. Good, solid road effort tonight - nothing to be ashamed of. But they need to remedy this shootout thing.
  9. Orpik did play last night, filling in for one of their injured defensemen. Interestingly enough, his teammate was injured by a spill into the boards against San Jose. Pens coach (Therrien) deemed it a "vicious" play by Jonathan Cheechoo. Also interestingly enough, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette decided to ask Mr. Orpik for his viewpoint on the hit. Looks like old Brooksie is choosing his words carefully. Here's an excerpt from the article: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06310/736033-61.stm Last season, Orpik was on the other side of a situation similar to Eaton's. He received a three-game suspension for a hit from behind that sent Carolina's Eric Cole into the boards. "The first time I saw a replay, I thought it was pretty dirty," Orpik said of the Cheechoo incident. "The more I watched it, it looked like [Eaton] might have lost his footing. At the same time, it was a combination of both. The speed is so quick, it's hard to let up when you're going like that. I don't know what was going through Cheechoo's mind. He definitely gave him a shove, but it kind of looked like he held up a little bit. He doesn't have a reputation of playing dirty."
  10. Well said.... I don't think the Canes would do anything that would come at the expense of winning the hockey game. On an aside, they did stick up for Cole last time - Orpik just never had to answer to anyone (seeing as he was given a misconduct penalty and removed from the game) after the officials broke up the original scrum.
  11. I wasn't suggesting I expect someone to go Marty McSorley on him, but there are a couple things I consider..... 1. I think the Canes were REALLY ticked after that game about that hit. A couple of the boys really went after him. Then the fact that he got a game misconduct for the hit, and it was the last time they were facing the Canes, he never had to "face the music" for the hit. If I recall the post-game comments, I think that seemed to really bother Lavi. On top of that, his comments in the press afterwards not taking accountability at all and the fact that he never really attempted to apologize to Cole. 2. Scott Stevens was absolutely villified by Canes fans - for what? A couple of pretty clean hits that took out a couple of guys (including the captain) in the playoffs. If that's the treatment Stevens got, I would expect Orpik gets at least the same. There is absolutely no comparison in my book between Justin's high stick on Koivu and that hit by Orpik - not even on the same planet. Accidental high sticks unfortunately happen several, several times every night in the NHL. There aren't that many careless, reckless hits that could have not only ended someone's career, but also severely degraded his quality of life.
  12. I heard Kaiton yesterday a.m. on "The Bull" saying Gleason was not going to be playing against Atlanta and that they didn't expect him to play tonight, either. I believe he did travel with the team to Atlanta and was hoping to play, but guess they just decided to hold him out. A few of these guys have been banged up. So may in fact be a precautionary thing. As some other guys come back healthy (like Wallin), they may try to give some others a brief rest. In Gleason's case, he's been dinged up and logging a lot of minutes.
  13. Or they could re-unite Stillman with Brindy...... that was a very productive combo through the playoff run. Plus, Cole and Stillman played on a line together for a good part of regular season last year. My guess would be... Walker-Staal-Willie Cole-Brindy-Stillman Whitney-Belanger-Ladd or Letowski C. Adams-K. Adams-LaRose or Letowski/Ladd (when 6 D suit) Will be interesting. I would think, as long as he can stay healthy, they would want to give Ladd regular ice time. So that could force some "odd man out" situations between Letowski (assuming he comes back), C. Adams, and LaRose if they choose to play 7 D-men.
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