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  1. I think to end it Jack has to possibly Kill Barbossa, gain his in mortality (which seems like what they've been trying to do all along0 and take over the Black Pearl for good!
  2. I'm not so sure he has the puck/stick handling abilities he'd need. Maybe not the explosive acceleration needed to keep the puck in the zone either.
  3. I'm with Legend! And honestly I'd rather have Wallin than Wesely. I'd hate for us to trade Wallin.
  4. Why does everybody want the Sens to win?
  5. I'm sure it was the entire boat. Remember he jumped down from his perch and tried to bail out water from the little dingy. I just watched again on USA a couple hours ago.
  6. Who did Keith Richards play in this one?
  7. Last hit check I saw lastnight Ottawa was leading, but I think the Ducks are a better hitting more physical team. I think Ottawa needs to use alittle more finesse. I want them to win atleast one so the ducks can win it at home. I just wish Kariya were still there to win it with Selane and Prongert and May, and JSG, and all of them really.
  8. Yeah Icefrog is right. As many times as I've watched these. Only seen 3 one time so far. You sure the boat that was sinking in the beggining as the one she was mad about him stealing? That little dingy?
  9. Thats a heckuva raise considering he's only a young RFA. If he really likes it here so much seems like we could have signed him cheaper especially since Cam didn't have much of a choice being a RFA. I see this as JR really thinking that Wardo will become somthing really awesome later down the road and wants to keep him happy as possible. However once he hits UFA status that might be hard if he really is great by then.
  10. Yeah it worked good for Yzerman. However I don't think he was known for whining to the refs at every whistle.
  11. The two sens forwards down low both raised and started to raise their arms in celebration and it looked like the shooter (forget who) thought it might have went in also. Just seems odd that they thought it was a goal but nobody else did. Not that I'm rooting for the Sens. I kinda like the Ducks better.
  12. Woder why there was no review in the 1st when the ducks net was being raised up by a ducks player and the puck must have went in or somthing and the sens thought they scored. All 3 forwards thought the puck was in and it would have counted since the ducks player was raising the net unsassisted by a Sen. I mean at first I thought it must not have even been close since the annoucers didn't even mention it or show a replay, but all 3 sens thought the puck was in. Actually the annoucers seemed to sort of space out for a second as if they didn't know what was going on then came to as the puck went back up the ice.
  13. I think there would be male and femal computers. Where do you think laptops and other small computers come from?
  14. cmw00

    Barry Bonds

    Have you seen shirtless pics of Rod from when he first entered the league? Bonds in his early days isn't exactly flabby and out of shape as you can see. I bet Rod takes some sorts of legal supplements also. Hiting homeruns and being a consistently good hitter has less to do with strength and more to do with skill and technique. Even poor hitters knock a homer ever now and then.
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