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  1. Hey all! I got 2 tickets at the presale for game 4, which of course is officially Thursday and really can't miss any time at work being down here in Charleston....would like to sell them to anyone who is interested. Just looking to get my money back which I paid $460.00 for 2 of them from ticketmaster, Section 314 row A... I have the receipt and screenshots of the tickets so any who is interested we can talk and can send those if necessary, then just transfer through ticketmaster. Any other questions let me know. Thanks! Ryan
  2. Hangin at the bistro for lunch still looking for a few tickets...come on by for a drink and I can give you cash or I'll meet you in the parking lot around 2!! Thanks! Found this picture from the 2007 season with J Willy and me...crazy!! Ryan
  3. Just got into Raleigh at the four points so if anyone has any options for me for 2 tickets please let me know! Also tailgating would be awesome as we plan on getting to the parking lot around 2pm..let me know what I can bring!! Ryan
  4. Hey guys..been some years since I've posted on here but still have been to a few games every season for the past 10 years or so...headed up from Charleston to catch game 4 and if nec. game 5 at the watch party...just seeing if anyone is selling 2 tickets lower level to close to face value for me...definitely wouldn't prefer to wait until close to gametime when all the tickets drop from the people who think they are going to make money by buying and selling tickets. Heck I remember getting my LL game 7 tickets for $280 from the Box Office! Anyways let me know if anyone has any available and also would like to meet up for a tailgate on Friday too (let me know if I can bring anything too!) man I miss those from the 06 and 09 playoffs! Staying at the 4 points across the street and will be around Thursday night through the weekend...Thanks!! Ryan
  5. Anyone know if this game will be on TV or online anywhere for us non-locals? I can't find anything on it, not even directTV or center ice.
  6. They actually have them available online. Canes College Night If that doesn't work just goto tickets then ticket specials and you'll see the college night thing. Enjoy!
  7. Good News so far tonight... Cole Cleared to Fly With Hurricanes Cole Carolina winger injured in third period of Monday
  8. Be Prepared Saturday....the boys with whoop up on Florida and make tonight feel like nothing...
  9. It's with the homework problem...The example is what I need to make a database of and answer 2 questions about it...I was never taught access so I'm lost : (...If anyone would like to see the whole 2 pages I would be happy to send them to whoever is interested!
  10. haha...so I am watching the ATL game in Picture and Picture and we score at the same time as ATL and I miss our goal...damnit!....huge though gotta get em in the 3rd...
  11. Hey...I know Columbia pretty well and can help you out on places to go and all...I also have Masters tickets (only practice rounds I think) so we should definitely talk.
  12. Ugh...1-1 now with 11 minutes left in the 3rd...
  13. Hey I will definitely be doing that, but this is my first option by far. Again, if anyone has 2 tickets or at least 1 ticket extra or would like to sell I will get them. I may not be up until 12pm but leave me a message on the PM and I will contact you ASAP and get the tickets. Don't sell them!
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