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  1. I'm stuck with Charter for now since my landlady is paying for most of it but I do remember having that alternate channel when I had DirectTV and I miss that.
  2. SportsSouth unfortunately is showing Hawks basketball. I really have no interest in the NBA. This has been a problem but I can at least understand why they would have the Bobcats instead of the Hurricanes. What I hate is when I'm expecting the Hurricanes and I turn on to see women's college basketball or even worse, poker.
  3. I live in the Greenville, SC area and have Charter Cable. I'm getting nervous because the Fox Sports Carolinas listing for Saturday at 7 is a Charlotte Bobcats game. It's begining to look more and more like I won't be able to watch the opening game of the season.
  4. My current job doesn't allow facial hair. Otherwise, I'd consider attempting one again.
  5. Well at least he's not here anymore. I think the offense looks like it's going to be fine under Davidson, but I'm worried about the defense.
  6. This game was my first game at the RBC Center. I paid to see the Canes play at least 3 periods of hockey and only got 2.. :?
  7. No, where are you? Are you watching on center ice? I'm in Greenville, SC and it's not on FSS here. It's only the Atlanta broadcast on Turner South.
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