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  1. I posted about this the first time it came up. When this Eklund rumor first surfaced (Mid Sept) I ran into #61 at the rink. He was at the rink helping out running drills for the team one of his boys is on. I asked him about the rumor and at that point in time he said he not been approached by Edmonton and honestly he had no interest in going there and that he has an NTC. I am sure Edmonton really likes Stillman but I doubt he would be willing to accept the trade. Edmonton has one of the toughest travel schedules in the NHL and is in one of the most least desirable locations. A guy that is happy where he and his family are at and on a team that really appreciates him is not going to waive an NTC and pick up and go to Edmonton. -HD
  2. Beer is in the cooler!!! Going out to pick up some ice and a few other things! Looking forward to meeting everyone!! HD
  3. I personally will take the 3rd period storm. I rather they had the mentality that no matter what we can win this game in the 3rd. Cam is going to step up this year I bet he is in top 10 percent in sv% which is saying volumes since we are all holding our breath on the state of our defensive corps. I watched the feed of the game last night up until the 3rd and the canes did get off to a slow start. We still have a lingering problem of going to the box just as we start building up steam..
  4. I have 1 spare ticket in section 106 mid level for tonight. First PM'er with an email adr gets it! I posted it in swap and no takers yet. PM me you email adr and I will email you the ticket via the canes account mgr. HD
  5. Blah Administrators please move this thread to: http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/index...?showtopic=9367 Man am I bad about posting in the wrong section.
  6. This has been worked out- Thank you for helping me out.
  7. Only thing I like about Grahame is his mask
  8. 3:00 to 6:40 In the parking lot drinking and sharing 4 cases of Molson Canadian with fellow board members that I brought back from the trip I took to Canada this summer. 6:45 to 7:00 Sitting in my seat in section 106 watching my son high 5 the players as they come down the tunnel. 7:00 to 7:05 Singing along to the anthem and screaming "and the rockets RED ..." 7:10 to Until the Stanley Cup Finals -- Telling everyone "I Believe"
  9. I took my 9yo kid tonight and he brought a friend so I ended up working harder keeping those 2 inline than Grahame or Leighton did on the ice.. Not detracting from either of their efforts mine just seemed that monumental! TH gave a great call of the game however I disagree on one point. Hedican.. He was slow out there and on 3 separate occasions I saw him either back away from making a hit or the opposition look up and saw that it was #6 and stopped from making a hit. I got a distinct impression that he wasn't to be hit. That being said even if he was a step or 2 slow I marveled at the way he saw the ice. He kept putting himself 2 plays in front of the puck on defense and somehow he broke up several offensive attacks with out any apparent effort. It could be a case of where he just made it look easy and effortless.
  10. rofl I am on a project right now with a guy named stahl and send him a lot of email. Brain said 1 thing fingers typed another *blush*
  11. rofl I am on a project right now with a guy named stahl and send him a lot of email. Brain said 1 thing fingers typed another *blush*
  12. Your forgot about Scotty knocking the helmet off MacDonald and the ensuing shoving contest.-- Scotty doesn't let up does he. Babin is really making a case for himself. Trevor Letowski played well scoring a goal (Wish he was this focused last year). Trevor was also really solid against the caps. He setup J. Willie for the goal that put is into OT. Cam looked a lot more confident facing penalty shots than he ever has. White Goals: Bowman, Letowski Can someone remember the Red goal?
  13. OK- He got pushed off the puck a few times and only had 9min of ice time. He was very tentative out there.
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