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  1. Side note, Staal now becomes 23rd man in history to join the Triple Gold Club: Win championships in Juniors, Worlds, and NHL (Stanley Cup). Here's the article: http://www.iihf.com/iihf-...hf/triple-gold-club.html Hey, Sidney.. you never got that one!
  2. I had one tonight before the game. The HT I was at claimed they weren't selling it yet, they wanted to give me the Rosie. But I told them the ingredients and they made me one. It is really good.
  3. Well, sorry to be unpatriotic, but I have a hard time rooting for Jack Johnson, Orprick, and Sabre Miller... I prefer Staal and Brodeur and the Canadians.. just from a personnel standpoint. I'd rather see Eric with a gold medal than those others. Would be a nice career achievement to have a Stanley Cup and Olympic Gold. Sorry USA...
  4. He doesn't have to play in a game if he signs.. Thurman Thomas did this with the Bills. He signed a 1 day contract, no money, and obviously didn't play. It's more ceremonial than anything. I'd be very much in favor of Hedican doing something like that. It would not be a good idea to have him actually play in a game. Each one is too important to take such a risk.
  5. Same RecZone schedule for this week, leading up to training camp? Or is Brindy camp over?
  6. I like this line, and even better than the 2nd line of LaRose/Cullen/Ruutu. They really are interchangeable. depending on who is having a better night, TOI may not reflect line order.
  7. I agree Staal needs a physical presence and Ruutu would be fine there. I think Cole will be too. Staal caught fire when Cole came back, and Cole has rushed to Staal's defense in the past. Just hope everyone on that line has their scoring touch this year. We need goals from this line.
  8. I went to all the playoff games that year, at least those I was in town for.. Game 7 vs. Buffalo I felt nervous enough to throw up.. same feeling for Game 7 vs. Edmonton. We had to park fairly far away, so I thought on the way in it would be a close game, but i would take 3-1. Stood the whole game, yelled and jumped up and down when Willie scored. I could not believe they had done it. Only other time I have watched my team win a championship in person was the year before when App St. won the first of their titles. Came out and my ears were ringing from the noise. What a night!
  9. Seems risky for Philly. Biron is pretty good and a known quantity. Emery can go off in an instant.Must be for the money, but still a roll of the dice IMO.
  10. Well, EVERYTHING that I tried during the first two rounds worked, so I think I used up all the luck and there was none left for Pitts. We had two game 7's and needed all the mojo just to advance, there was none left for the ECF. All the things that were working so well quit all at once. So I think we just had to use too much early on and there was nothing left.
  11. Ah, the irony of equating the LA Clippers with the Buffalo Sabres.. for the Clippers began life as the Buffalo Braves.. a team that fled Buffalo for the sunny San Diego coast...
  12. Once it gets to the Conference finals, there is only one game per day.. the finals alternate days. So Versus is able to carry every game. Local TV (well, FSC) ended for us after the Boston series.
  13. That whowins site is cool. According to the site, the Miracle at Molson was less likely than the game 7 stunner vs. NJ: "In the 2455 NHL best-of-7 playoff games from 1939 through 2001, when a team such as the Hurricanes trailed by a goal with only 1:30 left in regulation, its game record was 27-697 (.037). " Now, this doesn't take into account what game of the series it is, so maybe you lower the odds a little. And we did it in regulation, so maybe lower them more. But here's what they say about the 2002 Montreal game: "In the 2455 best-of-7 NHL playoff games from 1939 through 2001, when the road team (Carolina) trailed by three goals with 16:04 left in regulation, its game record was 1-208 (.005) -- only the St. Louis Blues had won a best-of-7 playoff game on the road in such a situation, over Los Angeles in Game 3 of series 755 (in the 1998 NHL Preliminary round)." Less than 1/2 of 1 percent that the Miracle happens. Wow. Like I said, cool site.
  14. Cam's in shape and he has a day off after every game so far.. so he ain't going anywhere. You only play your backup if the starter gets pulled. The backup may start the next game if he's on a roll, like Gerber in '06 when he shut out Buffalo, but usually only the starter plays. And even in that case, Gerber was the starter all season.
  15. A few corrections to be accurate: - Montreal last won the Cup in 1993, a "short" 16 years ago. It is Toronto who has gone 40 years without a Cup, last winning in 1967 I believe - Buffalo has been in the SCF twice: 1975 and 1999. Lost both times. Clearly, it has been more fun to be a Canes fan this decade than either of those above.
  16. I know I love it when the national announcers refer to us as Caniacs and report on how loud we are and the things we do. Having lived in two other major league areas, I can say we are a unique fanbase. I don't know of any other fan group that has its own nationally known nickname.. fan organizations like the Bills Backers exist, but the announcers never refer to them by that name. It makes me proud when we are recognized not only for cheering the Canes on but actually affecting the game in a positive way. Good job to all us Caniacs!
  17. Thanks for the info, diver & wardo.. I will check them out if needed for Game 7...
  18. I'm actually going to be at CB and if there is a game 7 with Boston will need to watch it somewhere, as where I'm staying likely will not get the game. Where do you guys go to watch?
  19. Excellent work! Great job with the graphics, and the music was super.. good choices.
  20. Pretty smart analysis in this board. Consensus seems to be better defense (limit turnovers and open shooters), more scoring depth (we will not win if Cole, Brindy, Cullen, Samsonov stay goal-less), and better power play. Add in Cam doing what he's been doing and we will be victorious. That's a lot of work to do. Hope they are up to it!
  21. Clubs must split their gate with the NHL during the playoffs. The deeper they go, the more of it they get to keep. I don't know the exact percentages. Karmanos has said in the past the playoffs are important for the club to make money.. no playoffs, they lose money. A deep run, and they have a chance to make a profit. I don't believe the players get anything extra, nor is there more TV money available. It's gate driven.
  22. ^ My guess? "Sure is dark in here". Edit: Eh, the pics showed up as black boxes for me. It's funnier if you take that into account :-)
  23. ^ Fantastic name for this game. Unbelieveable series and finnish. By the way, I will be spelling finnish with two n's from now on. Get used to it, SpellCheck!
  24. There are two really good nicknames, the Exorcist and the Joker. Wish we could have had that quality when thinking of the line name for Staal, Cole, and Ruutu. Oh well. Joker is very clever but may be confusing unless you know why he is called that. Therefore I go with The Exorcist!
  25. Last 2 games the superstitions were out in full force. I complied, and look at the results. One wasn't working well so I switched it in the last 4 minutes. Woohooo! Well, here we go again for the next series.
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