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  1. JR needs to rename the team to "Carolina Recyclables". I agree with firing Lavi, but hiring a Coach that has already failed with the same team is a dumb move.
  2. Really ? I guess everyone who doesn't live in the 65-75 mile radius shouldn't even watch hockey then because they can't make it to the RBC Center on a regular basis. I wonder how many people are outside of this radius and go to the games when they can and buy merchandise. But I guess you as a marketing guru don't care about the extra dollar these people spend on the Canes. Last time I checked the name of this Team was "Carolina Hurricanes" and not the Raleigh Hurricanes.
  3. PC, PS2 are current generation Games......... Graphics and Controls the same as in NHL 06 and NHL 07. So if you have either one of these Games there is no need to buy NHL 08. PS3 and XBox360 are next generation games with new Graphic Engine and Controls. EA Sports will lose alot of customers on the PC Market with the move they made to release current generation games for 08. (NHL,Madden and FIFA 08 are all current generation) I will stick with NHL 06 and wait for NHL09 or 10 or whenever EA feels like to go with next generation engine for PC Games.
  4. What in the world was he thinking ? Maybe the curse is only on US and Canadian born Players
  5. The Senators just saved the season !!!!! ABB wins series 4-1 !!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET !!!!
  6. Carolina Hurricanes 2006 Stanley Cup Champions
  7. 11 years in NC huh ??? Panthers=Charlotte, Hornets/Bobcats=Charlotte, Nascar=Charlotte, Hurricanes=Raleigh, ACC Basketball=Raleigh Sorry but I didn't know that it is a birthright for northerners only to be hockey fans.
  8. Luck ??? Oh no wait........that's something Buffablow needs, and lots of it.
  9. The only award he should be nominated for is the Jack *edit* Trophy !!!!
  10. You get what you deserve, ain't that right Linda Ruff
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