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  1. Great game and great job, Eric! Thanks for representing the Canes and making us all proud!
  2. I'm still reeling at the lack of foresight in this! We played NJ the first time this season with 3 more games to go. We have a dismal penalty kill. Why weren't our most germy players on the ice during the kill when there was nothing to lose? If we hack, cough, and sneeze all over New Jersey, they'll be a piece of cake next game! Weeks will finally get to play after a moaning Brodeur refuses to leave his hotel room's potty. [jab]Better yet, give the flu to Lavi and get a coach that can motivate these guys! [/jab]
  3. A very cool move...hope he works with the guys on those pesky shootouts that killed us so much last season. They could have gotten Dancin' Eddie Belfour for less, but he's too busy learning how to say, "I have peed myself. Where is the bathroom?" in Swedish.
  4. Goalie for adult rec league on the nice ice at the Factory, Wake Forest.
  5. Wow, just finished watching the Tivo'd game. Buffablo losing was the best possible outcome to the postseason!! Maybe those classless drunk fans will learn how to exhibit a little sportsmanship when they visit other barns. Interesting how they managed to get almost the entire Eastern conference to despise them.
  6. I will agree that TLCLR has the potential to become a great(er?) player. He's got great hustle and makes some amazing shots on goal. I love it when Chad snares that puck during a penalty kill and blasts it like an unholy cannon at the opposing net. BUT....they never go in! How can someone who's eyes are that frikkin' large keep missing the goal?! The man could lead the NHL in short handed goals if he would just BUY SOME GLASSES!! For the love of God, I go to the same eye doctor the Canes use and got contact lenses to improve my rec league hockey game...WHY CAN'T CHAD....WHY?!?!
  7. I went to UB, but am not from NYC. Buffalo is a shyte-hole with sports fans that go waaaay over the top to keep themselves from noticing how depressing their filty city is. That also explains the vast prevalence of bars. I suppose the Sabres team is the only thing Buffalonians can find pride in, but I fail to see why they have to be so obnoxious about it. As far as bandwagoners, I'd agree with the article. While in Buffalo, I only saw logos for the Bills. Of course, that was back when the awful new breed of Sabres fans were just being born...!
  8. The PERFECT step #1 to the '07-'08 season!! I saw this news scroll by on Hockey Central while watching the Stars playoffs and almost hit the ceiling!
  9. Going with Pissburgh because of Recchi, and I am a shameless bandwagoner for any team playing Buffalo. I think the West will probably take it, though. For now, go Isles! I hope Hill and Witt start knocking those Sabres fairies around.
  10. ALL goalies have issues! Actually, I'm really starting to like this guy. I wonder what the chances are of signing Belfour on if JR loses Crackers? I sure would hate to run into Crazy Eddie in a bar after a bad game, though!
  11. Hockey players at this level want to win no matter what, regardless of distractions. You or I would just be wishing for it to end so we could go home, but athletes at their level are ultra-competitive or they wouldn't have gotten to where they are in the first place. The spirit being willing but a beaten-up body not cooperating is another story.
  12. Pinned as requested. I started the thread, but was in the anti-unicorn and butterflies brigade. It just goes to show you that we realists love our team like we said, even if there isn't a happy ending and the prince remains a frog. Keep posting Canes love, y'all, and stick around on the boards to follow the playoffs. It will be interesting to see who we all root for!! ) Go Canes '08!!
  13. So many good players that could score! So many discombobulated lines to the point where no one knew if the guy they were passing to was a righty or a lefty. I love you, Lavi, but this one's on you. If this doesn't turn around by early next season, we need to get new coaching in here.
  14. I'll be there on Saturday as well, cheering like we've won the cup again!! Nothing can beat having an NHL team
  15. I almost forgot! Thank you, Canes, for weeding out the crappy bandwagon fans who thought we would win the Stanley Cup every year. Most of the people who just noticed hockey last year have been great and will continue to follow it. The rest of you, get lost!!
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