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  1. Skinner is also a top fantasy pick this week from NHL.com: http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=81565&navid=DL|NHL|home
  2. I do miss Seids. Wish there was a way we could have kept him. Dukefan711, what happens to Harrison in your plan? He may be no Seids, but he has been playing at/above expectations (at least the expectations of the fans).
  3. Great post remkin, agreed on all points (though the Canes will make one more trip to Ottawa (12/29), the second night of a back-to-back with Toronto being the first night.). I see quite a bit of potential in this upcoming road trip. Going 500 is definitely possible. And 16 games at home over the last 24... if the Canes are in contention when that stretch starts, one would assume they'd be in great shape for post-season play.
  4. From the News and Observer: If there is concern about the flight and medical care, Sammy is definitely still injured. I certainly hope it is not post-concussion syndrome.
  5. NHL.com link: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=538900 Guess it'll be practice and tapes to determine the last pre-Helsinki cut...
  6. Thanks for posting those times, 10DollarTH. RBC Parking is also free, correct?
  7. No problem, TSA. I wasn't sure if it would be inside or outside, but I did get to Crabtree over lunch and found the booth - they were in the center of the mall. Got my tickets and an extra suprise - I was selected as the winner of the autographed Joni Pitkanen picture!
  8. Anyone know where exactly they will be distributing tickets at Crabtree today? Thanks!
  9. I have also seen it as Stahl, no so much on these forums though.
  10. Glad Leights is getting a chance elsewhere, I'm with the group that believe he never really had/got a chance with the Canes.
  11. Sorry, I don't have the Walker bobblehead.
  12. Morals come into play when one walks out on a contract. You are correct that Babs did a similar thing, but it was a bit different - he was suspended before fleeing to Russia. Still, he thumbed his nose at his contract. No morals. For JR, that was his decision to bring back Babs, which I still disagree with for a couple of reasons. He must have been desperate to pull that move off, overlooking Babs' lack of morals from his jumping his contract. Perhaps Babs matured so JR figured to give him another shot, who knows. Obviously LaC can do whatever he wants to do with his career. No doubt he was driven by $$$. Hope he got alot for walking out on his contract. Someone else told me, "If your signature is no good, you are no good". I totally agree. Guess I am old school and in the minority here.
  13. Big deal that he has no morals? That is a shame the you think that way. I know it is all 'business', but contracts are not broken when players are traded. Even Lavi is still getting paid according to his contract, even though he was fired. No morals broken. LaC walked out. Anyone who walks out on a contract, regardless of the job, lacks morals. In walking out, imho he basically thumbed his nose at the Hurricanes orginization and the NHL. And I wouldn't necessarily take a better paying job if offered. I actually turned one down two years ago, and I wasn not in a contract with my current employer.
  14. I read it the same way, but what does that do to the player if he isn't picked up on waivers? You are still on the team, but not wanted (by the management). I guess you have to pick up your game and prove that you are deserving of a spot. But does Kabs have that in him?
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