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  1. Post game interview with Torts was quite entertaining. "I would have thrown **** at us!" Many other expletives thrown around as well...typical Torts. He did say that last night was the single most embarrassing game he has spent with the franchise...although he has probably said that before.
  2. The Lightning have all of their money invested in 3 players. (lecavalier, st. louis, and richards) Their top defenseman (Boyle) has been out all season with that freak wrist injury, and otherwise their defense is pretty....uh....well, invisible most of the time. Plus they sank a lot of money into Denis who was supposed to swoop in and be the savior. I cracked up at the radio promos last season when they were calling him the new "superstar." I know you other FL people remember that! I can't really comment on the other SE teams since I don't attention to anything other than W/L unless either the Canes or Lightning are playing them. <_<
  3. These are great... I like *Police Stop My Car (Feliz Navidad) *12 Pains of Christmas (12 Days of Christmas)
  4. Wow...end of second and Grahame has faced 31 shots already? Vokoun has seen 28... Something is wrong with this picture............
  5. Santa wraps at our house...unless it is a large bulky item and then it just gets a bow. We also do mom/dad gifts, but not much. I am trying to prevent them from being toooo spoiled. (although I must admit that they are a bit) Santa writes in all caps at our place as well. fun topic!
  6. Yeah, but if you watch, he tends to do it more when the guys are spending a lot of time on his end of the ice. It has always been his way of saying "Hey guys, aren't you supposed to be *down there*!!! Here boys, go fetch the puck!!" He did the same thing when he was TB...
  7. You are so bad........ *snicker*
  8. No kidding!!! I can say I got what I wanted for my b-day....Johnny played AND they won!
  9. I'm in FL so that just happens to be the CI feed that I got tonight.
  10. I am watching on Center Ice (Pittsburgh feed) and those guys have hinted at internal injury....pointed out that he was holding his midsection after getting hit in the first and then that he appeared to be holding his midsection again when the Penguins doctor came out to have a look at him. Speculation of course since they don't have the details at this point.
  11. As much as I would love to see Johnny play, I say Cam. He's the hot hand and he'll get a shot at revenge. I do have to disagree with the team lacking confidence in JG.... I mean *logically* if the team had so little confidence in him, wouldn't they be working their butts off to make sure nothing got through to him??
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