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  1. I love our broadcasters just the way they are. I wish Tripp would bring back his red suit though. Now THAT was a sight . I miss Trippin with Tripp Tracy too. Love all of the off ice stories & fun facts. Whats a game without a food comment? I have Center Ice and have seen a lot of the other broadcasters. I think John & Tripp are some of the better ones out there. They try to be unbiased and look at both sides unlike some commentators. I like that they give the opposing team credit instead of complaining we got a bad rap or coming up with an excuse of why we made a bad play. I'm glad that we get interviews from both teams of the game too, even if we lose.
  2. lol... I just saw this after tonights game and this totally cheered me up. Thanks
  3. So the Stillman hat trick yielded a tractor but not the Brind'amour hat trick? That's interesting. Even on the contest page it says the game has to be televised. Tripp also mentioned the game after the Brind'Amour hat trick that they 'could of gave away a tractor'. I wonder what determines it then if not just it being televised. Good someone got a tractor though edit - Now looking at the promotions page further I see they also give out a hat trick tractor to a selected person at home games also. I thought that the televised contest was the only one. My mistake.
  4. No one has won one yet this year unfortunately. The game has to be televised on FSN during the game the hat trick is scored in
  5. Irbe, Francis, A. Ward Glad Francis is back. I keep hoping for Ward to come back to us
  6. Are there any more images to the game? Would love to see them if possible.
  7. Anyone know if it will be shown here or is this the same feed as NHL.TV?
  8. He seems very friendly to the fans as well. This happened during the 06 Caniac carnival autograph session. The woman in front of me wanted to take a picture of him but be in the picture too. The security person watching the table said that wasn't allowed. Erik said "don't pay any attention to that, come around the table. I don't mind." So she got to be in the photo with him. I thought it was pretty neat.
  9. I think you are overreacting a bit to this with the small amount of information everyone has on this. We know that they were responsible enough to goto bed when the police came out and warned them the first time. I don't think we have seen anything that shows they were part of the ones that were doing the yelling(or how much yelling if they were) on the side of the highway. Have we seen a report on what their blood alcohol level was? You assume many things that we haven't seen printed yet about the story. If more information was given to support what you're saying then I would change my opinion. As someone else already stated they could have easily got in cars and drove off somewhere else... They were at least responsible enough to not do that. People can drink and have fun responsibly. Unfortunately when you get enough beer and people together it can get out of hand... I don't think I'm ready to lynch anyone over some yelling at cars and the possibility of a passerby getting mooned.
  10. It was very early 90's when I was first taken to a hockey game by my mom. I was young so it is hard to remember exact dates and details. We went to a Greensboro Monarchs game. I can't remember who the other team was. I have no clue who won the game. I remember a player named wheeler (or something similar to that) and thats the only one I could remember. There was two fights, I think, that broke out between players. I loved the atmosphere about the sport despite a drunk fat guy who spilled a beer on my brothers coat. Some woman that was around 50 years old got hit in the head with a puck and a medical team came to tend to her. This was the first sporting event that I had been too that wasn't school related (brother played baseball and golf in school so we ended up going to lot of school sports stuff). I had a very fun time at it, hated that it ended and that I can't remember more. We went a few more times after this and ended up with a few items before they left. Items such as program books/miniature hockey sticks/Monarchs pennant/Coffee Mugs/collectors cards(which my brother has a pack of that some were signed by each player).
  11. but thats not a reason why they would wear 30... hmmm i guess its just something that doesnt have an explanation. It might just be because skaters never wear numbers that are multiples of ten, and most players numbers are below 40, so 30 is just a good number to wear. Sorry, I wasn't stating he was the reason why people wear 30. It was misleading how I worded it. I was pointing out another that wore 30 (only shortly).
  12. Patrick Roy wore 30 (I think) on his junior hockey team but wore 33 in the NHL
  13. Me and my brother refered to him as 'Count Kaberle' in the playoffs because of how his mustache & beard combination looked in early rounds.
  14. I use to watch a few Atlanta Braves games when I was young. During their national anthem it seemed to be common to yell real loud the word 'BRAVES' (s included) at the end of the anthem. They may not have done it every game or still do it today, I didn't watch many. So it may be common for any team that has anything to relate within the anthem for the fans to shout that part real loud. Whether it's right to do it or not I cannot say. I'm just pointing out were not the first to do it, and probably not the last. Correct me if I'm wrong about the Braves anthem. It was a long time ago and might not remember correctly.
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