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  1. as a Canadiens fan I am happy to see someone picked up Tom the Bomb One of the first games he played for the Canadiens he coughed the puck up to Jason Spezza who scored the game winning goal. When asked the next night how he felt about it Tom told the reporter he felt bad and would do everything he could to not let it happen again and trust me he didn't Never takes a night off and never backs down with the right line mates you could have a very good checking line this up coming season. Good luck Tom and thank you
  2. speaking as a habs fan I was surprised to see the Hurricanes take Sutter in the 1st round until I thought more on it, and Ice Frogs post above mine is along the same lines: Brind'Amour is not getting any younger and the day will come that he packs it in. I don't know how deep the Hurricanes are for forwards but Sutter is one of those guys you will probably end up using in all situations, and you don't have to worry about his work ethic Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. Esposito was at one point the #1 overall draft but the pressure got to him. Cherepanov could have gone first overall but he is noted for showing up when he feels like it. Is that the kind of guy you want? someone who punches in when he feels like it? The Rangers tried once to take a Russian player with a poor work ethic and whip him into shape (Alexi Kovalev) and he is still famous for not showing up when needed.
  3. well duh RDS shows all the habs games Looking through the thread I saw someone posting that the Hurricanes have had a hard time playing a full 60 minutes. Sounds just like the habs :? Habs will win this one in OT, at which point Radek Bonk will strip off all his equipment and make sweet love to all the women at the Bell Centre, all the while humming Mr. Tambourine Man :wink:
  4. you know, I like this quote. Good to see some respect for the Habs. As for the game I only caught from the 3rd goal on. From what I am gathering on both forums the Habs left Huet out to dry. Hopefully the next game against the Canes the Habs remember the game is 60 minutes long
  5. yeah alot of Habs fans are still scratching their heads on that one. If you had told them after the back to back games they would have a 1-1 record and the win would come from beating Buffalo, most Habs fan's would have laughed at you. No different then last year though. We would beat the Senators who were the powerhouse team and the next game lose to the Capitals, or the Penguins. I'm going with a 3-2 Habs win in OT tonight
  6. Kindred


    The wii has an ace up it's sleeve simply with the fact you will be able to download it's entire nes, snes, n64, gamecube. turbo graphic 16 and sega genesis catalog at some point. The prices will probably range from 5 dollars to 25 dollars which is quite reasonable. yes the controller is crazy but I remember when I first tried to use a n64 controller :? the wii controller doesn't seem nearly as complicated.
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