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  1. Right on, derailed. Faulk has not caused a problem. He signed a contract to play and he's doing just that. And that contract, signed by both parties, included the list of teams he didn't want to go to. If there's a problem, it's with management. They are the ones who got the org into this "situation", not Faulk. I'm totally bummed out by all those who blame him for nothing he did and want to see him traded.
  2. He said from the beginning that if he wasn't able to give it 100%, he wasn't going to play. Taking time off doesn't sound like total commitment.
  3. Most important question I have whether Hamilton the pig will return for the coming season. 🥺
  4. I'm one of those who don't think JW is going to play another year. Seems that if he was coming back, he would have announced it before now. It would be a draw for selling tickets. He just had a McMansion built here and has stated that he doesn't like uprooting his kids and moving them around. That said, I don't think he'll play for another team but will remain in the area. I can see him accepting some type of position with the Canes, but in what capacity I have no idea.
  5. Off the theme a little here, but I'm getting a bit concerned about the after-win celebrations. The first several appeared to be something impromptu that the guys made up in the room. The last two were getting a bit too choreographed. Obviously the lighting crew was included, who knows who else? I sorta wish they'd return to something simpler.
  6. Appears there WILL be an announcement today. https://www.wralsportsfan.com/nhl-commissioner-visits-carter-finley-stadium-to-explore-outdoor-hockey/18220235/
  7. A friend of mine suggests that the next celebration involves the team making wild jackets jackets part of it.😁
  8. g105


    With the news that Scott Darling has requested and been granted a leave of absence, I started thinking about all the goalies who have played here. Some good, some not so good. Overall, who do think was/is the best? I guess I'd say Martin Gerber. Then maybe Cam. Too bad we've never had a stellar goalie like Brodeur who was consistently good over a long time.
  9. I should have added: it was on the HF forum.
  10. Interesting perspective from two camps. On the Leafs forums, there is a discussion of the loss of McBackup and Pickard to waivers that goes on for more than 650 posts. I see nothing on the Canes part. Wonder why. Do they know something we don't or are we hockey illiterate?
  11. Check this out: The fish had been all over the road. I've never seen or heard of this happening. This was a few miles north of Wilmington.
  12. g105

    Goal Song

    I thought everything related to the Whalers is owned by the city of Hartford. What changed?
  13. g105

    Goal Song

    Quite frankly, there isn't much to chose from. And please, not Brass Bonanza. I've disliked it ever since I first heard it.?
  14. Thanks. I don't do Facebook or any other social media. This forum is about as close as I get. Too many things people post come back to bite them in the butt.
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