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  1. My nephew, who is now 22, had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia when he was nine. The transplant took place the night before Thanksgiving, 1993. The diagnosis was made on April 5, 1993. I will never forget either one of those nights -- the emotions of both are still raw. I have not used the word 'devastated' as casually as I used to since then because my family and I learned what the word devastated felt like. Losing a big game is not devastation -- losing a job is not devastation -- being told your loved one - particularly a child -- has an illness that is probably terminal is truly devastating. Long story short, his bone marrow donor came from The Netherlands. It is very difficult to find a donor with the exact matching marrow that is needed for a successful transplant. There are over 10,000 types of bone marrow - you only have a 1 in 4 chance of matching a sibling (you get half of your bone marrow DNA from one parent - half from the other so parents won't match you). The match has to be exact or really, really close because the body will fight off the 'invading' marrow if it is seen as 'foreign' by the body, resulting in death of the patient. My nephew was extremely blessed and lucky. More blessed than lucky, though. He was given 6 months to live, and we found the donor through the National Marrow Donor Program at the end of those 6 months. We worked through the American Red Cross and The National Donor Marrow Program. I've done a lot of speaking and writing about this inspiring event in the life of my family, most recently in my book about raising all boys, House of Testosterone -- it's a humor book, but a few essays are serious. I don't think you have to drop what you are doing if you are contacted that you might be a match for someone. Even though Jacob needed the transplant desperately, there were still steps that had to be taken. Lots of info to the potential donor, more testing, etc. I don't think it's usually like, "We need you here now". And you can give at one of several NC hospitals -- you don't have to go to where the patient is. Nowadays, there are many more people on the bone marrow registry of potential donors than when my nephew was sick. Back then, there were 800,000 worldwide, and now I know there is over 3 million or so last time I checked. Greatly increases the odds. Minorities are esp. needed to have the blood test that puts you on the registry of potential donors because minorities are USUALLY - not all the time, but usually, going to match someone of their own race, ethnic background. Our volunteer group to support my nephew - who is Caucasian -- won a national award in '97 for promoting the registry to minorities. Now cord blood transplants are also a viable option, too. Those were very rare back when my nephew was sick. He had his transplant at Duke. Another thing is that the blood test to go on the registry is so precise that it costs about $70 or so. Our group had to raise a lot of $ back then, too, to do the marrow drives we organized - it was only $60 then but we put over 8,000 people on the registry. We raised the $ through going to corporate sponsors - Glaxo was a big one for us as was Triangle Community Foundation. I went to WRAL-TV who agreed to sponsor our first "Marrowthon" drives where people came to take the blood test. It used to be free for minorities to go on the registry because there was such a dire need for them, but I'm not sure where things stand with that now. Boy, all of this info comes right back to me - seems like a long time ago, but I still remember all this stuff. My sons and I were at the "Canes play-offs last year, and we bought a bunch of Relentless arm bands. Our prayers are with Julia; I know it's still at tough struggle after the transplant. If she would like to meet my nephew, I'm sure he'd loved to do so.
  2. Is it possible that this deal was a make-up for JR and Nashville. Knowing that JR got the better of the Walker-for-Vasicek deal, it may be that JR made this trade so as to grease the skids for future deals with Nashville or others. In other words, JR may have knowingly given up the better player (Belanger) in order to keep trade options open with Nashville in the future. Just an idea. Flame me if you want.
  3. Does it really matter if Babchuk was getting advice from his agent??? The final say about following orders and going to the minors was with Babchuk. I don't care that he is only 22. He is old enough to know right from wrong. What he did was wrong and stupid. Not only has he hacked off JR, he has also seriously damaged his career. He had better come back SOON and publicly apologize. If not, we hold him to his contract and let him sit on his rear end until the end of the contract. These overpaid whiners need to get a life and recognize that they are entertainers. Watching hockey is not a "need". It is a want that can be foregone.
  4. This team needs an overhaul. JR is wasting time. Rebuild NOW!! Keep Brindy, Cole, Staal, Ward (only because he is young, not for his play this year), and Whit. Everyone else needs to either retire or move on.
  5. It takes two years to rebuild. 2008 is a lost year. 2009 is the soonest we can expect JR to rebuild the Canes. I will still support the Canes, but I am not going to give them money upfront when I don't think they will make the playoffs.
  6. Funny. I got my playoff ticket invoice in the mail yesterday. Think I am going to pay it??? NO WAY!!!! I paid MIGHTILY for playoff tickets last year. The good news is that the 'Canes will not get my money this year. The bad news is that it will be boring this year w/o the Canes in the playoffs. JR - make some trades!!!! Letowski and Bellanger have been MIA. Build for the future and attempt to get some value for these guys. While you are at it, get rid of some d-men and get some value there as well. 2009 here we come !!!
  7. Just got back from the game and have a question. Why did Laviolette choose to play defense the last 10 minutes of regulation? As soon as the 'Canes went up 5-4, they chose to just dump and run at mid-ice. In my view, this was a horrible, horrible decision as it gave the Lightning's high-powered offense plenty of good chances. This game was ours to lose....and we did. Why play defense for so long against a high-octane offense like TB???
  8. Wow! What a horrendous outing. Two in a row!!! Lavy should apologize to the fans of NY for wasting their time in coming out to such a lopsided game. Graham was fantastic. He is the only 'Cane to show up. Any ideas of how to right the ship?
  9. To Val36Canes: Look at my initial comment. It was written DURING the game. To be specific, it was written when we were down 2-0. However, I stand by my comments. The defense is not where it needs to be. Apparently others in this thread agree with me.
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